Monday, March 1, 2010

Belabranta and Gundwynd

Once upon a time there was a young Mielikki warrior named Nissa Belabranta. Nissa loved the night, hunting its creatures and most of all her graceful griffon steed Jinx. On one night, when the Peddler’s Moon was just beginning to peak his shifty eye from behind his pack; while riding Jinx, Nissa encountered a man in shining armor. Devin Gundwynd a Cormyrean noble who, like her family, bred their own magnificent winged creatures- hippogriffs. It was over the Moonsea that they met for several heated days. She on her griffon and he on his vain and prideful hippogriff Geoff; who bucked and snorted each time his master wished to fly out and meet the two. What Nissa didn’t know is that Devin, Paladin of Torm, had a wife and several children.

And when Devin’s wife Tristeza became suspicious of her husband Tristeza bent her knees to the gods to intervene.

That night under the full Peddler’s Moon, Nissa was approached by a short unkempt masked peddler.

“A gold for one humbled by your beauty?” The peddler pleaded to Nissa. “Or mayhap a gold for a word to the wise eh? Be wary your dreams are just a tryst, for he is wed to another.” And with these words the peddler vanished as the moon disappeared behind a shadow, the shadow of Devin on his steed.

Nissa hid from Devin and followed him to Tragidore where she discovered the heartbreaking truth. Nissa whispered thanks to the gods before confronting this man- this mockery of a Paladin. It was then the prideful Geoff attacked Jinx and before anyone could discern anything in the chaos; Geoff the hippogriff was dead as was Nissa Belabranta.

Since that day the Gundwynd’s have not forgotten about the loss of their threaded stock hippogriff. And of Devin? He denied the affair until the day he died. The Belabrantas, despite the loss of a young princess, recovered with gaining the favor of Mask; for it was he dressed as the peddler. Together with the continued blessings of Mielikki, opens a new path to becoming the prestigious shadowdancer: the icon Nissa became on the day she was killed by a lying paladin.


Gordzilla said...

Thats right, Paladin's say it ain't lying if they BELIEVE it's the truth, whoops, sorry about cutting your bloody head off!

James said...

Together in faith the Tarm and Bellabranta family are both members of the Horseman’s Association where in fact Glittercloak Tarm sponsored Huld Belabranta’s membership. They have been on good terms since.

James said...

The Gundwynd’s are greater allies to the Tespers (the entire family swear fidelity to the Steward of Waterdeep). While the Tespers are loyal to king over gods; the Gundwynd’s ceremonially dub Tesper warriors into full Knights of Piergeiron.