Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Journal Entry: Jeren

Magical creation is quickly becoming an obsession more than a past time for me. The possibilities and functions of magic have even begun to rival the allure of gold for me, as i can not help but consider liquid assets as a building material for the creation of unique enchantments and ensorcelled tools. After much deliberation within my own mind, I have decided to list my newest creation as property of SON Commodities, rather than keep it for myself. I feel it will become a much desired item, especially among the nobility, and could become a real driving force behind the financial expansion of our company. I have decided to call the Son Stove.

Son Stove
This squat open fire place looks like a slightly concave iron disc standing upon four sturdy legs about two feet tall. The frame is usually lined with brick or stone, for appearance and safety for the household using it. Upon command the stove erupts into flame, creating a 5 foot diameter sphere of fire in the disc. The stove is quite heavy, providing for improved stability. The fire place burns very hot, dealing 3d6 fire damage to anyone falling into it, and the flaming sphere can not be dislodged out of the disc. The fire is magical, and since it burns no fuel, it produces no smoke. The same command word turns it off. The fire will cause any combustible it comes into contact with to catch fire as normal.

Prerequisites: caster level 3rd, flaming sphere, extend spell feat, creator must be an evocation specialist

Cost to create: 5,000 gp, 10 days Market Value: 10,o00 gp


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it's squat design makes it look like it'd be stable enough onboard ships, too. Another possible sales avenue