Friday, June 8, 2012

Tales from Yartar

The ka-tet arrived in Yartar to find it quite different from times past. After inquiring with the right people, the companions learned that on the night the heavens rained down divinity and moon tears were shed upon the realm, Yartar was host to the largest gathering of frontiersmen and range-riders in Shieldmeet history. Come to find out also that night, a Harper by the name of Nyral Sunsdottir exposed an evil network governed by ‘Waterbaron’ Alahar Hkaumfros. To everone’s credit, as the Time of Troubles began no one panicked or went mad as each person venerated one or another deity. Alahar was removed from office allowing religious advisers to move in and become political selectmen.

It was not long after this when the frost giants and ice-trolls from the Evermoors began their siege of Yartar anew. Tales of the accuracy of the troll’s icicle-like javelins they seem to be able to create at will as well as dirges about the sudden blizzards brought on by the giants; fill many taverns to this day.

As the siege commenced, a four-aspect avatar of Torm would rise to give aid and succor to the besieged Yartarians and begin a campaign against the giants that would last until High Harvest Tide. Torm spoke to the masses with their rivers and livelihood painted in the background; he inspired one-hundred fifty swordsmen to mount up in purpose. Torm named them ‘The Shields of Yartar’. Together they broke through the vanguard and slowly, over the course of weeks, drove the giants back north securing once again the Evermore Way.

While this was happening, in Yartar the religious selectmen were at odds with how to govern Yartar while another Waterbaron was elected. Life-long residents of Yartar were nominated as well as selectees from organizations such as the Lords Alliance, the church of Waukeen and Tymora. This too lasted for several weeks as party lines were drawn while faith in the gods waxed and waned during the troubled times.

Hannah Laurana of Waukeen, called ‘the Unstoppable’ in recent days, was gifted with an avarice-like appetite for power, and a desire for aspects that she believed to be within Waukeen’s bailiwick. Unfortunately for Hannah, the church of Tymora was quick to use her congregation to acquire the key aspect to keep the Lady Luck alive in the hearts of the people. The faithful of Tymora took up arms, led by Nyral Sunsdottir and the High Priests from the ‘Halls’ and began a spirited march upon the districts of the city announcing treachery of Hannah the Unstoppable. In the end, it was Hannah’s new vision of Waukeen that prevailed over the old precepts of Tymora. The 'Halls' were unceremoniously sacked and the treasures within lost, Tymora as Yartar knew her was dead.

Kym Tarm held out her brother’s message to Morgrun Maerklos who, after reading it passed it along to the others. Since their arrival the two lovers have gathered three other sympathizers who remain loyal to Tymora and do not wish her to fade into nothingness. Nyral, the Harper-rogue: hero and failure; Tibold Hillmover a dwarven cleric known his healing skills; and Nobilius, an ultra-good Paladin from a wealthy river barge family.

“Should we tell your brother about our plans?” Morgrun asked as he handed the message back to Kym. "He may have some insight."

“No. I do not trust magic these days.” She replied speaking about the dragon messenger while trying not to reveal her true meaning. She discarded the message into the fire. “I find this disturbing.”

“Why? Because we see a trend?” Nobilius asked rhetorically. He did not believe in coincidence, indeed the Paladin saw evil in every coincidence. “We know the divine aspects needed to restore Lady Luck are protected by agents of Set—a serpent god and at the very least sympathizers with the Cult of the Dragon. I believe that warrants a reply to your brother if nothing else.”

Kym conceded and began to code a message to her brother. In the background she could hear her lover review their plans for the Feast of the Moon.

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