Monday, May 17, 2010

A brilliant plan

Staenor griped the handle of his Flame tongue. He had watched the dragon hunt the region for the last two months. Forcing its prey farther east his tribe was struggling to find food. His tribe wouldn’t last the winter unless someone put a stop to the dragons pillaging.

Laying the ambush would be the easy part surviving it a different story. He knew the battle would be tuff but with the dragon vulnerable to flame that gave him an edge. Gillian, his newfound friend had risked his own life to get him this valuable information.
When the dragon took the bait Staenorr sprung into action. Landing a blow to the back of the creature he quickly rolled to the creatures’ blind side. The dragon apparently stunned by the blow searched with his good eye for his elusive foe.
Gillian had concocted a brilliant battle plan and Staenorr was executing it to perfection. The next step anticipated the dragon would spin around putting the barbarian in his field of vision. Unfortunately that’s not what happened.

The dragon paused in confusion. He had just stopped for a quick bite when a man yelled and leaped onto his back possibly scratching a scale. Then it rolled off, stopped right in front of him, and crouched as if waiting for something to happen. The dragon let loose a column of fire that totally disintegrated Staenorr. The red dragon took to the air and headed for the barbarian village.

Gillian offered a quick prayer to the lord of shadows as he waited out of site. Not only would he get the flame tongue without a fight but he could track the red back to its lair after it destroyed the village. Plenty of adventures would pay for a map to a dragon’s lair. Turning in the sword would elevate him in the church. He could even loot the remains of the barbarian village on his way back to Waterdeep. Gillian smiled, he did concocted a brilliant plan and had executed it to perfection.


James said...

(Griffith) I must meet this fellow.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: Impressive. People who take what they want, I admire.