Monday, June 25, 2012

Alegan of Waterdeep

Casey and Merrik Roaringhorn were as serious as the two cousins could be. The two cavaliers had spent the last two days talking to supporters of the Horseman, and had found quite a lot that agreed with the sensibilities of Alegan, a cleric follower of Taurens. In fact, each had found enough to form a squadron of their own, and could serve as a platoon under a lieutenant in the troops of the Horse Lord. Alegan, a dark swarthy man with a slightly sinister black beard and mustache, was a commoner of the city, who used to attend the tower of luck. He quickly gravitated toward Taurens calls for action, eagerly guarding the faithful of the lady of luck, and swore his allegiance and faith to him the day he established the Tower as Tymora's home church. But this call for pilgrimage bothered him. He was a student of strategy and faith, and he could   not stand to see his Lords holdings and edicts left unguarded.
 He rode along with the Roaringhorns to Capt. Arina on this Friday morning to tell her of his plan to have a platoon of soldiers left behind in Waterdeep. The soldiers would all stay at or around the Tower of Luck, to defend them against the attacks that are surely coming. Since we are leaving the Garden vacant for fear of dragon scourge, it doesn't make sense to split our forces and try to guard that as well. Guards are to keep alert, and in the case of dragon attack try to provide cover and a place to flee for citizens and faithful. More familiar humanoid attackers can be met with sword and shield. Cult members are to be killed when identified.
" The squadrons will each have 7 clerics and 7 fighters working together, for a total of 28 defenders. The Roaringhorns shall serve as their sergeants, and have nominated myself, if I may captain, to lead the platoon as its lieutenant." Alegan of Waterdeep looked confident as he concluded his presentation of his strategy.
Arina was impressed and secretly delighted. "Your thinking is clear, and your solution sensible and on point, particularly with its focus on the safety of the temple and its followers. This kind of initiative describes exactly what Lord Tauren has described for the attributes of his First Platoon, and so you shall be that platoon. You will also be known as the Shield Platoon. As you place your trust in these two nobles, so will I and promote them to sergeants in your service, Lieutenant Alegan. Ride faithfully under the Banner of your Liege, and forever feel the blessing of his battle luck".
With that, Arina couldn't help but smile as she changed her plans, and hurriedly began to pack saddle bags for the road to Amphail. With a gaurd to stay behind, she could join her Lord Horseman and take part in the holy day, and all in the arms of her consort, Lieut. Harpell. As her horse hooves beat a steady gallop on the road to Amphail, she felt rewarded for her sacrifices over the past couple of weeks and spurred her mount faster to catch up with an earlier group of pilgrims.

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