Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Prince, the King, and a Matron

The Verdant Prince regarded his vile-sprites with mild impatience and a natural distain that was instinctual. Sinister smiles painted on bent lithe bodies held aloft by black gossamer wings. Possessing a corrupt leadership ability, whereby the very regions and feywild the Verdant Prince visits; often succumb to his malevolent will. The mischievous Prince Dalamar was born under the demon-moon and possessed a crewel nature that only grew in evil as he matured in age. Ignoring the call of Evermeet the sly and egotistical Prince Dalamar cast his vile-sprites beyond the confines of the West Wood: To bring him the means to achieve his rise to power over divine chaos and the feywild.

On the first night of the dragon siege of Waterdeep, the vile-sprites brought before the Verdant Prince- the Moon Elf King Lorac Caladon.

"Under my rule, the Moon Elves flourished." He had said. "until the cowards on the council ordered a retreat from the lands of men." This was his bleeding wound, the Prince knew. He would salt this cut into the King's pride until Caladon was an instrument of his purpose. "I will become the very moon and restore my nobility." A king's vow was his blood.

On the night of the second attack in the dragon siege of Waterdeep, Dalamar's thralls escorted an endowed woman of dark beauty and lustful need. Another displaced highborn fey: Matron Grazia Drodeen, a drow from Ched Nasad. She immediately showed Prince Dalamar her interests in sowing trickery and misdirection: "to see the evil of the Verdant Prince spread in these Troubled Times." She had said.

They palavered, sending vile-sprites far and beyond the West Woods time and time again to return with information on the state of the surrounding region. It soon came that in the east, in the human town of Amphail abides the power the evil Prince, Matron and King each desired.

Time was against them. Prince Dalamar knew they needed to act before the Feast of the Moon- when the 'Moon-Sister' is at her most powerful.

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