Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feast Of The Moon

The Feast of the Moon (Moonfeast), also called Reaptide Featival and observes the end of Reaping and the arrival of Winter Morn—the first day of winter. When the Eve of the festival is upon the towns and cities the people are often in celebratory and amorous moods who then decorate their clothing with Reap Charms as custom. While parents entertain themselves with adult activities children play at turkey runs, pumpkin-carving, pig scrambles, riding competitions, and barn dancing.

As Harvest Moon waxes into the Demon Moon, the last of the crops are taken to market or stored for the winter and a period of rest begins for farmers and smallholders; although official Year’s End is after winter, for the sharecropper Moonfest is called Closing the Year.

The Feast of the Moon is often a holy day for many tribes as well as Death and War gods from all over the Realms; the North is no exception. It is also the day when the dead are honored with memorials where people gather to share stories and legends of their beloved fallen.

Tempus clerics and high priests perform the Ritual of Remembrance where graves are blessed and stories of the doings of those now gone are shared far into the night. For clergy of the Red Knight, faithful highborn nobles as a matter of course bring unique weapons of titles, renown, and history to be blessed in a ceremony called Red Knight’s Temperance.

To the followers of Shar this holy day is known as the Rising of the Dark which begins a period fierce ministry for her clergy.

Also during this time, all Uthgardt clans converge on their tribe’s ancestral mound for the annual Runemeet. These huge earthworks mounds, often shaped like the totem beasts, are sacred burial grounds, where only the greatest shamans and chiefs are interred. Here the Uthgardt worship their totem-gods, set tribal policy, perform marriages, celebrate births, formalize adoptions, and mourn deaths.

During the Runemeet, boys desiring to become men and warriors participate in the Runehunt, in which those involved seek victory over the tribe’s ritual enemies—usually orcs.

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Please remember where your character is, HP, and conviction: the danger on Moonfest is not over.