Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tales of falling Stars (final)

Days later as speculation surfaced about the godsfall, misinformation was also knowingly being spread to prevent anarchy and the overall panic that could ensue at hearing such truths. Allied churches banded together, working together for common goals, the Triad of Law, Gods of Nature, and the Gods of Knowledge and Craft; so goes the word on the cobble stones.

The Priestess of Set found herself in the company of two other individuals who had similar gemstone encounters the night the sky fell to discover the three teardrop gems are linked and therefore so were the three of them. They came to believe the gemstones are some king of manifestation of Talona; attracted like magnet filings to the individuals that most embody her aspects.

Raga, a ninja who is quick to anger; and who the Priestess believes is insane, and Talanoa and his famed Axe of Hurling- a gladiator from the Fields of Triumph; both poison users. With these two individuals the Priestess of Set began to work her sinister plots without fear of breaking cover and being discovered.

Now active again the Priestess; the ninja; and the gladiator eventually attracted the attention of the clerics and devotees of Lathander who discovered them and their plots. And in accordance with the aspect of their god stopped their mischief and drove the three out of the city.

It was after this when the Priestess vowed not to restore Set, but to reimagine the darkness and dread that is Set such that it will dim all other goodly sects. She swore; she would continue to work with the ninja and gladiator but what she really needed was to find was a dragon who wanted to become the next Set.

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