Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thru the looking glass

Gillian’s finger traced the red dragon figurine as it encircled the mirror. He enjoyed the irony of how it so closely resembled the bitch that hunted him. Since the dragons had openly declared war on Waterdeep, he had kept a low profile. She had been circling the sky for several days before the attack, no doubt looking for him and the items he had hidden. He had watched her, the image in the mirror as clear as looking through a window. It had been a couple days since he had used the mirror. While a low profile was keeping him alive it was counterproductive in his race to divinity. He had just acquired his 6th aspect and located his 7th when the dragons came.
Gillian speaks the divine words causing the draconic figure springs to life. As it breaths a layer of flames over the surface of the mirror he utters the name “Ember the red”.  As the flames burn away the mirror displays a scene Gillian can’t believe. “We are the Samular “ the rest of his words drowned out by Ember’s roar of hate & fear. He watches as an amazing aerial combat ensues. The two griffon riders begin charging Ember in unison. There blows are precise dealing horrific wounds, yet the dragon survives. It tries to flee, moving at amazing speed it greatly outdistances her attackers. Then out of nowhere with a speed that can only be described as heaven-sent, a rider vaults from his mount driving his blade deep into the dragon.  
Gillian could tell that multiple active aspects where in play as the dragon slayer rides Embers carcass to the ground.  With the unbearable weight lifted, he stared fixated at the dragon mirror in disbelief. “Well done” he muttered with a grin he couldn’t hope to contain. As the image begins to burn away he catches a glimpse of the slayer, a look of satisfaction flash across the mirrors surface then it’s gone. Placing the mirror in his bag & slipping the fan into his belt Gillian closes his deposit box. He headed out of the Owls roost headed towards the home of Dwarinom & Benethoe Draigo.  He had one more aspect to acquire and he had put it off long enough.    

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