Monday, June 11, 2012

Faerie Tales

Briar was amazed at how often serendipity landed in her lap. Here in Amphail, just days after her arrival, she had come across a book that was a collection of legends and people at the time of the Samular campaigns. She drew her blankets around them tighter as she read aloud to her cohort.

 The story relayed the downfall of one of Tancred's followers, a brave warrior of the north known as Dorric the Martyr. He hated his nickname, according to legend, because it had been given to him by the close attendants of the Samulars, mocking his over the top devotion to his lords glory. Once when their retinue was in Amphail, the village had found itself sharing lands with and falling prey to a vicious dark fey fox woman, a creature known to elves as a huldra. Very few tales of such fey exist, but they are generally thought to be shy. This twisted dark fey ,however, took joy in taunting the folk of Amphail. She always left her name, Erytheis, scratched into the flesh of her victim when the malicious creature came out on mild evenings to seduce and then murder one of the townsmen. Dorric, when he heard the tale at the inn, boldly declared that he would not allow his lord Tancred to fall to such wiles, and set forth immediately to West Wood, where the fox fairy laired. Dorric carried with him the Hammer of Grace, a mighty weapon in his right arm, a weapon he notably referred to as his "legacy". Some legends say this was a weapon of Tempus, some say Tyr, and a few say it is of Moraddin. The power it was revered for was Mercy. The hammer had the power to heal those who were injured, even upon deaths door, but only if its user chose to subdue rather than kill his foe. A single lethal blow would block its healing powers for what is now an unknown length of time. Well, that was the last anyone saw of the good and zealous man known as Dorric the Martyr, because he never returned from the West Wood. Despite a week long search, no sign was ever found of him or the mysterious huldra. The hammer was lost in those woods, never to be found at the time of this books printing. No more of the seduction murders were found after his disappearance, although folk still believed the West Wood to be haunted by that dark fey for many years afterward.

Briar bit her lip, and snuggled closer to Tetra. She was intensely aware of the fey influence in the current worlds time of troubles, and could feel the influence of the dark fey growing. She certainly didn't like the portend of a Samular warrior succumbing to their dark sorcerys.

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