Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Message to Blackstaff

Sai Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun,

I hope this message finds you well. I am providing you with several enemy movements that I believe you will be in a unique position to act upon. {Insert info on Hags, Morlocks, Holiday ceremonies, and their function, further information on the William Device, 100% honest to Damian’s level of understanding}. As for why I and my companions do not move against these foes of Waterdeep, it is simple; During this time we will be under attack from the Cult of the Dragon who are in the service of Frostburn a Storm Dragon, the Destroyer.

I write to you humbly and honestly. Humility is, as you well know, is not my or my families strong suit. So what would drive me to such an act? Our mutual love of Waterdeep. I believe that when the voice from the heavens spoke above Waterdeep the night of Skyfall , it highlighted the importance of our city not only to Toril but the planes themselves. I won’t pretend to understand everything that is occurring as fully as someone of your intelligence and magical ability. That said, since I plan to take the celestial stair and ascend, I feel it important you know that I view all of Waterdeep as holy ground, not only of my faith, but all faiths.

Sai Arunsun, whether you choose to act upon the information I’ve provided, I feel it important that you be informed of key facts and beliefs that drive the Samular Pantheon. This note assumes you to have a good deal of knowledge about our bloodline and understand our importance in a time when a fabled dragon of lore has risen to challenge the heavens and attack our home city. If my assumption is incorrect, I will provide you what information I have that I believe to be true. I hope that where my brash and youthful actions of the past have offended you, you will see value in a nobleman ally that you have no need to mince words or wonder at my true motivations. My motives are easy and clear, I intend to rise to the heavens at the Lord of Retribution, replacing the faulty broken god Talos, and fulfilling a proper function. It is the belief of the Samular Pantheon that regardless of moral beliefs, certain faiths and functions HAVE to be fulfilled; the gods were thrown from heavens for failing to fulfill their “godly niche”. Due to this belief, there is no use attempting to stop the rise of the god of war or peace, they each must exist to fulfill that portfolio. My hope is that all religions that take the stair will look upon Waterdeep in the future as Holy Ground and the place where the heaven’s both fell and were restored. For this vision to occur Waterdeep must survive.

This brings me to another issue which I believe will become very important in the coming months, who then the god of magic. This is a role that will have to be filled. As it stands now Toril is in danger of having magic forever dangerous and unstable or split into domains among several gods, limiting its power. Despite all the advantages the Samular pantheon has, we have no one in our Tet to fill this role, nor anyone in our pantheon that has a true understanding of magic. I don’t know if you would consider filling the role but I would ask that you look for someone worthy.

As a former masked Lord I implore you to act, to move against an element that I cannot currently reach. I ask for the good of Waterdeep, not for me. My only offering to you is honesty and truth, however harsh, between us. I will not insult your intelligence by offering favors from the heavens should I succeed in my heavenly efforts. I do not know how such an event will affect my consciousness or if I will have many memories of my mortal life. Instead I offer you the opportunity to have palaver with a nobleman who shares the same passion and love of Waterdeep as you do, free of politics or subterfuge. Should you need information from home while you work on everyone’s behalf, I would do my best to provide it to you.

Damian Agundar Samular

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