Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The Heroes Garden is a large open area very much like a tree-filled park located in the sea ward. It is about four square blocks in size. The area has served different functions throughout its time, but before it was abandoned and fell to neglect, it last served as a small wizard college known as "The Observatory". Nearly all of the smaller out buildings have been destroyed by the elements, but the manor and main hall still stands. This was a sturdily built large residence with an adjoining tower. The whole structure is made of a mixture of hewn stone and masonry architecture, with wooden mill-worked interiors. The residence is a large square two story manor. Its ground floor includes a large auditorium, a kitchen, and a library. The second floor is living arrangements. Of course, when Tauren claimed these grounds, the house was bare, and Teldicia has only started to furnish the house and temple. The tower is round, and three stories high, with an accessible roof for a viewing platform. In the wizard school this is where the master studied and worked. He is said to have been very skilled at glassblowing and glass making. The doors and room features are of very good quality, though most of the locks are stuck open and no longer operational. As mentioned earlier, the out buildings are not in nearly as good shape, and are good for little but stables. A tent city has developed on the grounds, and Teldicia has been ministering to them. Indeed, some of them have joined my ranks as followers. The area shall still be known as Heroes Garden, but people have begun to refer to the manor as  Horseman's Tower.

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