Saturday, June 9, 2012

Senmet and the Risen Scepter

The ancient order of the Risen Scepter are acolytes of Osiris, he of the White Crown and Judge of the Dead. The Risen Scepter welcomes all professions including necromancers, paladins and individual seekers of vengeance. But only a few initiates come as skilled Arcanists; nevertheless they are all trained extensively with all the styles of the flail and basic magic—whereby they become a specialized group trained to root out and eradicate the Fangs of Set: the Brother of Dragons and Defiler of the Dead, whom the Risen Scepter believes to be actively infiltrating the Mulhorand aristocracy. Tainting the realm with Set’s poison.

While those who complete the trails and studies go on to represent and administer Osiris’ will, only those touched by him rise after death to continue his god’s work. Investing a measure of their will into a phylactery, a small token resembling a grinning skull; a vow is taken, blood is sacrificed, and a period of fasting begins. They fast for two reasons: as a gesture that more food goes to the hungry; and to become emaciated and gaunt — as to seem nearly dead in appearance.

After an indeterminate amount of time the fasting ends when their grinning skull phylactery turns black, a sign that Osiris accepts the tribute and vow: blessed so that if they were to fall in service to Osiris against the minions of Set—they would rise in undeath to continue their holy work.

Senmet stood on legs that looked ready to give out should he not take care. He was the seventh generation removed from Osiris himself, the god of death who stepped from the barge Ma-tet all those years ago. As he recited his vow, his ancestry proved to be his failure and his denial into the Risen Scepter. Instead of being accepted into order, his bloodline was revealed and he was therefore venerated and to be protected as per the tenants of their vow. It stood like wall against him and his crusade against Set.

Turning his back on his training, his homeland, and his teachings he embraced his divine bloodline and fashioned it into a talent: neco-sorcerery—which allowed him to escape and employ his affinity with the dead against the order’s—no, HIS sworn foe.

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Some interesting realms history.