Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tales From the High Palaver

Madeiron Sunderstone looked at Armult Tesper with unsympathetic distaste. Sai Tesper’s boost in rank now made him Maderion’s superior. Sunderstone served as Piergieron’s commander of the guard until the promotion of Armult Tesper as First Knight. Madeiron had bested Piergeiron’s Champion before, but after the return of Courtland Andrus and his vision of a New Age the Tesper family was quick to show the Paladinson their support as well. He was not of noble blood after all and in fact, in many circles he was considered a half-monster and not worthy of honors or titles. And why not, does he not feel the savage monster waiting under all the years of propriety and service? He so wanted to unleash his fury mayhap need. His skills were being wasted here; he was not a gunslinger and it only served to further distance himself from what he formally knew: serving by his guardsmen protecting the city. How was he protecting the city here with him no longer Piergerion’s highest ranking man and his successor standing smug next to him? Was it a formality or an honor? Whichever the case, it made Madeiron feel soft and defeated which only fueled his simmering Wrath.

The Paladinson
Piergerion was preceded by Maderion and his First Knight when entering Vandrillon Hall where Gunslingers assembled for the High Palaver, the highest parliament in Castle Waterdeep. Vandrillon was the first dragon killed by Piergeiron’s father Arthur in defense of the city; to memorialize him Piergerion named the grand chamber after the heroic deed.

“The ‘Paladinson’, the ‘Eld’”… he waited patiently as his clerk commenced with titles and honors of not just himself, but salutes were called out for each Knight in attendance. The formalities of the High Palaver, Piergeiron mused, he hated protocol and just wanted to lead and command. But it was for the betterment of Waterdeep, was it not?

“The chair recognizes: Bly Ruldegost administrator of the city treasury.” The clerk announced to the gathered gunslinger-knights.

“Honored Knights of the Firelance, the city faces a financial crisis of untold disaster and unless a viable method can be created to restore the city’s accounts, Waterdeep could go bankrupt before Greengrass.” Bly said with even certainty, no pleading in his voice—it was all matter of fact.

“How is this so?” Tryssia Lanngolyn asked, new to the High Palaver she was a fast learner but awful with political etiquette and protocol.

“Sai Lanngolyn, by keeping the city guard at current staffing levels, ranks that are normally seen only in the summer months, has put an unexpected burden on Waterdeep's finances furthermore; the continued recruitment efforts for both the gity guard and city watch are making matters worse and may hasten the problem.”

With no one immediately adding insight to this issue, Piergerion spoke, “I do not need to remind anyone that we are at war. A war on land, sea, and air Waterdeep must be protected at all costs.” Piergerion paused and came to a decision. “The Knights Council will begin tariffs on people and goods entering the city effective immediately.” A hard strike with a dark polished gavel gave his words power and finality. No one balked. “Have the Knights Council organize a committee to evaluate what it will require to balance our resources and see that such measures are implemented.”

“The chair recognizes: Zelderan Guthel, Master Provisioner and Guild master of the Council of Farmer-Grocers” Said the clerk, his voice echoing in Vandrillon Hall.

“Waterdeep has experienced a serious influx of people this year.” Zelderan began. “Wide-eyed fools talking of Fate as well as the frontiersmen and mercenaries all looking for easy gold; furthermore no one is leaving.” Zelderan quickly looked to Brenton Durinbold who nodded subtly in approval. “What I mean to say is that none of the usual folk who travel south after High Harvest Tide appear to be taking to their winter holdings.” The guild master shifted from foot to foot. “The Feast of the Moon marks the end of the Reaping and after that there is no more food coming in.” Master Provisioner Guthel paused then added, “what we have is all there is.”

From the right a man stood as is customary, “The chair recognizes: Sai Olsztel Zun.”

“I propose instituting emergency rations effective immediately.”

On the left, “The chair recognizes: Sai Brenton Durinbold.”

“I second the measure.” His smug grin was undeniable.

I do not like that one, Tryssia thought.

Reluctantly Piergerion said, “The city will begin seizing all inventories of meat and grain, furthermore to see to the fair distribution of the foodstuffs I am expanding the duties of the Knights Council. Sai Zun and Durinbold you will serve in this capacity and be transferred to the Knights Council until further notice. Are there any objections?” When none came, the gavel again sounded out.

“The chair recognizes: Briiathor Alougarr Lord of Amphail.”

Preceded by his own retinue of guards and assistants, Briiathor came at the request of Arsten to add gravity to the issue at hand. “The Road between Amphail and Waterdeep has been secured Sai Eld.” Lord Briiathor said to the cheery surprise from many of the attending citizens. “Regular patrols are in place and hold strong along the one-hundred fifty wheel track between the communities and each patrol checks in with the Thunderstaff North Gate, furthermore the patrols have been instructed to offer themselves as additional escort when necessary but the security of the road is paramount Sai.”

“Your work is impressive Sai Alougarr just how you were able to accomplish this feat where Waterdeep has not?” Piergerion said with keen interest adding a look of disappointment to his bondsman Madeiron at his left.

“Arsten Thunderstaff,” Briiathor said proudly. “He was able to implement new commands coordinating our garrison units more efficiently using the resources we already have. Amphail is known for its horses so he requisitioned them along with some other mandatory assessments on our citizens to secure the road. This brings me to why I present myself before this esteemed Palaver… I officially request that Waterdeep elect to designate the High Road between Amphail and Waterdeep during the next phase of its construction.”

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