Friday, June 15, 2012

Second Thoughts

As the day wore on, amid the busy preparations and thoughts upon the strange creatures in the Horseman Pond, Tauren began to reflect on his plan for the weekend upcoming. To be sure, there were a multitude of worthy reasons to make the trip to Amphail, and he was sure this was the right course. It was just that the wise words of Samular Damien hung heavy. " We know the cult will attack us and our homes on the Feast. We Know it!!"

If it wasn't safe for Tauren to be at the Gardens, then it certainly wasn't safe for his followers. Besides, he had seen something in himself; he was not used to worship status. It had never even occurred to him that his church and followers would be anticipating a grand celebration and feast. He had felt...uneasy when he realized he was disappointing his flock so suddenly. Monday,in the early evening, he quickened Rushers pace as he drew close to where Teldicia was giving Hero (her new found mount and guardian of Heroes Garden) his evening grain.

"My Lord, It is pleasure to attend you again so soon." her subservience had a cool chill.

"Teldicia, I have come to talk, and pass along a word of thanks for guiding me to a decision I had not considered before."  The horses approached one another, and looked to mimic the conversation of their riders.

" I must admit, you awakened my thoughts of what might happen to you all should the Cult attack our temple in my absence." The weight of that sunk in as Teldicia also considered that for the first time.

" I had hoped to leave Waterdeep with out too much advanced notice to my enemies. I would still like to maintain that as much as possible, but I would like you and Galoban to lead a sort of pilgrimage to Amphail in the days after I leave. Lead our followers to leave sporadically, not en mass, Thursday and Friday, and join me in the celebration of what I think you have brilliantly dubbed our first official church holiday - The Horseman's Birthday, the Feast of the Moon"

Teldicia's brimmed with tears. This suggestion and invitation lifted her heart and her faith to knew heights. She now truly believed he valued her work, and devotion, and undying love. She now truly believed she had a hand in setting forth how to properly worship The Horseman, her Gypsy Lord.

"Yes, my lord, I shall spread the word slowly, individually. I shall assign every one a leaving time and route. I will take care of every detail. Thank you so much, my lord, your thoughts are truly always with us," She smiled broadly and wept a little as she kissed his ring and bid him safe journey on the morn.