Monday, June 11, 2012

A Game Delayed

Sage Ammathair could only be drawn away from work by three things, a new discovery, his loving wife Shay, or his niece Hlantos Melshimber. Hlantos was the daughter that Ammathair and his wife never could conceive. She had spent her childhood under the esteemed tutelage of her famous uncle and became his most apt pupil and able assistant. Despite all of Ammathair’s years of training his niece and her obvious talents, the sage’s sister Hlanta still favored her bull headed son Khallos over his older and more able sister Hlantos. Ammathair’s nephew’s sole focus was on the family’s vineyards and collecting fine wines of which he sampled too many. Once the sage’s sister passed away or ceded over control of day to day family business to the hot headed young man Ammathair feared for his family’s long term health and viability.

Despite Ammathair’s concerns he was growing frustrated at his niece’s tardiness. Hlantos had sent word she would meet him for a game here at the Emporium. They had agreed to meet at dusk and it was dark now well over an hour. Growing concerned Ammathair signaled his bodyguards to him and sent one to search for her but to report back to him at Waterdeep Castle. Leaving word and coin with the proprietor of the Emporium the sage returned to the castle a worried man.

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