Friday, June 8, 2012


Most of Taurens followers will be organized in a military style, this being a time of strife and toil. There are three orders within the defenses of the Horseman.

 Fighters sworn to his cause find their home in the Horsegaurd of the Gypsy Lord. They are led by Captain Arina, and have the job of patrolling and defending  The Tower of the Horselord and the Tower of Luck. These fighters are all skilled on horseback, and having a mount is required to join ranks.

Cavaliers swear their fealty to the Order of the Charging Knight. They also serve guard duty under the command of Captain Arina, but are also called upon for travelling guard duties and special assignments. Most of these cavaliers are of noble birth or connection, and all of them offered a horse to the stables of the Horseman as tribute to his holy calling. This was in addition to the mounts they rode as their own.

Heralds of the Horselord are clerics and bards that join the fighting forces of Samular Tauren. Not all of the clerics and bards join this order, but those who do not tend to be specialists or have different responsibilities. Just like all other followers, they must be skilled on mounts to join the order. Clerics who join this order gain the martial weapon proficiency bastard sword feat ( this is just the rule that clerics are proficient in the favored weapon of their god). They join in the guard under the command of captain Arina, but they answer more directly to Teldicia, Taurens High Priest.

These guards are typically first level characters gathered into groups of seven called tets. Each tet has a leader, a corporal by rank. A squadron is comprised of two tets, and is led by a second level character, a sargent by rank.The tets in a squadron train and are quartered together, so while there is some competition they are very cooperative. Two squadrons make up a platoon, under the charge of a third level character, a lieutenant by rank. There is again competition between the two squadrons, but with an air of fraternity. Captains are of higher level, and usually have specific jobs or responsibilities. Arina and Fallon are currently the only captains in my service. Second Platoon will be accompanying us to Amphail. 2nd Plat. is comprised of one squadron of cavaliers and one squadron of clerics. Their Lieutenant is Vattaan Harpell.

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