Friday, June 29, 2012

Spies Like Us

Two days before the Festival of the Moon, Lormo stepped out onto the street that ran in front of Storm Keep. Closing the gate behind him, he ran over the list of errands in his mind. These were tasks that he didn't trust to anyone else that served the needs of his lord and his tet. Despite the cold, wintery air and early morning hour, the street was buzzing with the clipclop of horses and the murmur of people off to work and their own errand-running.
 A voice called out from behind him, "Why, if it's not my old friend Lormo!". Lormo stiffened, a hand reaching beneath his heavy cloak to the dagger secreted there. The manservant recognized the voice, but was sure that he'd scanned the street before stepping out into it. He did not see the owner of the voice anywhere, then.
 Lormo turned and saw the speaker, whom he hadn't seen in years. The man was little changed; older, his hair greyer and more wispy, his face more lined and his back slightly stooped. This was LeCarre and he was a pocketman.
 LeCarre had served Waterdeep for years in this capacity. Called spies, assassins, fingermen in other lands, LeCarre was the master of them under the Paladinson. After the purge of the Shadow Thieves, the old man felt it was time to retire. Piergeron had not seen it needful to replace him, and this position had been left vacant for years. From what Lormo had found out, LeCarre rarely left his small, 2 room apartment. It had quietly been whispered amongst those in the know that he must have a fortune squirreled away somewhere, yet he certainly didn't live like it.
 "Out enjoying the fresh morning air?" LeCarre asked amicably.
 "No, old friend, I have errands to run. I prefer to get them out of the way as soon as possible," Lormo replied, slowing his walk to match that of the older man.
 "Of course, of course. I, too, prefer work before play. And how are the younglings? The Thunderst- I mean, the Agundar boys?" LeCarre asked, turning to peer at the cohort at his side.
 Lormo's mind raced. LeCarre's mention of his lord's true family name wasn't a slip of the tongue, nor was it a mistake due to age. LeCarre's brazen mention was surely a move on the gameboard. While it was never mentioned or admitted in polite society, there were certainly nobles who suspected the boys' true lineage.
 "Oh, they are well. They and their tet should be in Amphail by now. I believe Sai Tarm has some holdings there," Lormo said in a voice that he hoped came across as nonchalant.
 "Ah, the young. Always running about, hither and yon!" laughed LeCarre. "I was coming by to let you know that the boy has offered me my old job back."
 Lormo nodded slowly. "And will you be getting back into the game?" he inquired.
 LeCarre beamed, "I have actually told him yes. Even at my age, I was getting restive. My mind was rusting away. What with the war, and magic being unreliable, Piergeron felt he needed eyes to retrieve information. I've heard that a mage he was using to divine certain numbers in Luskan was driven mad. She flung herself off a balcony, poor girl."
 "Well, you have my congratulations, LeCarre. From what I remember, no one was better at organizing and running pocketmen than you," Lormo said, sizing up the man out of the corner of his eye. LeCarre's mind, his most formidable weapon, seemed as sharp as ever.
 Placing a withered hand upon Lormo's arm, LeCarre stopped and turned to face him. "I just want you to know that there may come a time when the city of Waterdeep must call upon its sons and daughters. All of them. If I come calling..."
 "As long as it's for Waterdeep, I'm sure the lads will heed the call. As shall I," Lormo solemnly said. With the Blackstaff gone, this man in front of him may be the most dangerous man in the city. A chill that had nothing to do with the cold air trickled down his spine.


Gordzilla said...

I take it you liked Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy?

Gordzilla said...

Please everyone respond to this on Rob's post here.

I would like to play Tuesday night (everyone is off on Wednesday July 4th)and I am also planning on playing on the following Saturday.

Let me know if everyone is available on here please

robm1171 said...

yes, i liked the movie. i'd like to see Alec Guinness's version, too. never read the book, was always afraid it'd be like most English spy novels, long and dry.

now, about Tuesday. I'm open to game that night.

Russ said...

I am good to go for Tuesday.

Gordzilla said...

James can't play Tuesday night but I'm going to suggest we get together and either do a pick up game or I could try to get Marc to come over and play the Lords Of Waterdeep Board Game. Since we don't have to work on Wednesday I lean towards a pick up game but I'm willing to go with whatever. If you guys decide you don't want to play thats cool too.

harrygoblin said...

Either sounds great to me. I will be a little late tuesday, however, between 6:30 and 7:00. What did you have in mind for a pick-up?

robm1171 said...

i'm going to call off on Tuesday night. just not feeling a pick up game or this Lords of Waterdeep. enjoy your night and the 4th!

Gordzilla said...

Looks like Tuesday is off. Butch & Russ can just call me tomorrow night if we want to do something, I'll mention it to Marc.

I just bought a used IPAD 1, 16GB, 3G from a friend here at work. Perfect for gaming use:)