Sunday, June 10, 2012


The ferocious blast of cold had struck into her home with such velocity and force that the concussive energy hurled the teen girl from her top bunk through the small wood shuttered window. Had she not landed on some of the wood from the window, the piles of snow outside her second floor window would have braced her fall. The wood lodged painfully into one side, bruising her ribs and scraping the skin along her side with painful splinters. Claudia could only watch in terror as the tremendous dark bulk of a dragon passed over head, casually destroying her family and home.
Claudia searched the wreckage of her home for two days before locating all of her families’ corpses. The anger grew during those days. Alone with her grief she first hated herself, angry at her own failure, frozen scared in the snow. The anger coalesced when she found the body of her mother, wrapped around the frozen infant form of her baby brother Ryan. Crying and yelling at the sky, Claudia fell into fitful sleep, haunted by dreams of her brother surviving the blast only to freeze to death in the wreckage. Unsure of the time or day, driven near madness by her nightmares, Claudia stepped out into the storm. Crying to the heavens, Claudia swore her vengeance to the sky and dedicated her life to destroying those who took so much from her. Then as if in answer to her cries, a voice broke through her anger, calling Claudia to a place called Storm Keep. The lord of the manor calls for those who would learn to resist, the tenor and tone of his voice carrying similar pain and hatred for dragon kind. Returning to the remains of her family home Claudia gathers the few things she could recover and prepared to fulfill her oath.

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