Monday, June 4, 2012

Gond Be Praised

Tresh Lanngolyn
Tresh Lanngolyn loved to paint, it was his life work. Early in his career, Tresh’s art brought great sums of wealth from other noble Lantaneese families who appreciated such paintings. His representations of epic ships at war with the ocean storms; undersea mermen hunting sunken treasure using dire sharks to scent-out the quarry; and mighty dragons fighting great sea-monsters in vicious deadly battle, life-like representations of creatures and places too dangerous for many high-born to visit; his is paintings gave them a reprieve from their mundane lives giving them a glimpse into adventure.

His wife-consort, a natural fashion diva and importer of fine southern textiles: she alone operated the family's lucrative shipping trade. Their daughter Tryssia, a Gond prodigy, used the family’s wealth to purchase ships and retrofit them with Gond upgrades and battlements—then sell them for a profit. Despite this, they were the smallest noble family in Waterdeep—thankfully this concealed the truth behind the size of the Lanngolyn coffers.

Tresh returned his brush to the canvas after retrieving more color. The light was bright this time of the day; hence he did his best inspired work in the early hours. His strokes were measured and perfect in its curve and lines. He closed his eyes to glimpse again at the image in his minds eye. A knock at his parlor door did not break his concentration; he finished his brush stroke and carefully set his colorful palate down.
Tryssia Lanngolyn

It was Ormaes, his  wife-consort—beautiful and exotic, like all Lantaneese women she possessed a curvaceous figure and seductive eyes that were framed by black satin hair. “A messenger my love… came in the morning,” Ormaes looked forlorn and hesitated to continue. Tresh noticed she in fact carried no message. “It was a gunslinger from Castle Waterdeep for Tryssia. She as been chosen to sit on the High Palaver.” Her dour expression became one of elation as the ruse was revealed. Tresh thrust his fists into the air and took his wife into his arms. Gond be praised.

When Cortland Andrus, the church’s patriarch, returned to Waterdeep and the following formation of the Firelance Gunslingers—Tresh Lanngolyn pledged a fleet of war ships and his daughter as apprentice gunslinger to aid in the war. The word and skills of Gond are on the lips of many Waterhavians in these troubled times; a fact that has aided the Lanngolyns in its elevation in the City of Splendors and in the church of Gond.


Gordzilla said...

I have two fathers & neither one listens

James Caruso said...

Ha that's funny, but you chose 'money and ships'. :))

Is it Wednesday.

Gordzilla said...

Right, and when I made the choice real father and I had a long discussion about my dislike & distrust of Gondites. I realize the DM hadn't writen the post yet, but Damian notes that Thunderstaff didn't reply "Oh and the money man is a Gondite too". Or regardless who you choose your getting Gond.

James Caruso said...

Baerom: A disturbing development. I was not told of their Lantaneese origins and such- their faith.