Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tales of Mislead Orogs

The three large orogs were sure, according to their map, that they were no longer in the endless passages of the Undermountain but had actually arrived to their destination. Excitement agitated them and it was many moments before they refocused their attention on their task.

The map, given to them by most a generous and friendly blue pseudodragon named Cephus, if followed would lead the three directly under the Efreeti Bottle, a tavern stylized after the feast halls and palaces of Calimport. It was a jewel waiting to be taken if the orogs had anything to say on the matter.

Inside the orogs were overcome with the fragrance and posh-ness of the Efreeti Bottle; sheer panels of fine fabrics hung over plush carpets as music wafted unseen and unbidden on the hulking trio. Panic suddenly gripped them and they began to frantically search for gold, for food, for anything of value before whatever it was making them anxious arrived and discovered their unwelcome presence. The music began to get louder.

The first orog found a longsword in his searcing, a sword like no other. Jeweled with four red gemstones, the hilt had a flame design that was worked into the red wrappings. The blade was exquisite; reflected images in the blade appeared to be ablaze.

The second orog uncovered a jeweled scepter. The shaft was heavier than it looked with jewels down its length; it was a mighty rod for a lord. The orog shivered, it had suddenly gotten very cold.

The third orog discovered a cap like Robin of Hood’s hat except that where it lacked a long feather there was instead a large four-leaf green clover. Closer inspection revealed other smaller tokens worked into the hat, but now he just wanted to get hell out of there.

The three orogs sprinted back down the passage and halted when a foppishly dressed… man (or was it a woman?), stood blocking their escape. The individual was examining some black gemstones, likewise pilfered as was the orogs findings. The ‘jeweler’ as surprised as the orogs at the encounter; turned on his/her intruders called to the goddess of the Night and suddenly three ghostly orogs stood between it and the brutes; the orogs terrified beyond measure after seeing their own ghosts that the third orog hid his face with the hat he was still held in his hands. The next moment the hulks felt themselves fall to the ground- hard.

Gathering themselves the orogs took stock and discovered they are no longer in the Efreeti Bottle; instead they are outside on a hill, it was night. Buildings straggle up the slopes of the hill from fortified walls at the base, all leading up to the steps where they now sat- in front of a wooden castle called the Bargewright Inn.

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