Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marriage is a committment

Alicia had several of the meta-magic components laid out on the work bench.  Three items were repugnant but that was usually the case with necromancy.  

Shar watched her from the stairs while she was putting everything together.  Her work was precise and well learned from their years together.  The changes frustrated her more than anything he had seen her struggle with before.  

She wasn’t alone in feelings of frustration.  Shar could sense the Green Man’s frustration at his inability to locate his old friends.  The time was not now, at least not quite.  Shar knew his old friend and wanted to have answers for him when they did meet, less he should become angry and decide to “balance the scales”.  

The rules were changing, the physics of this age being decided by all the various powers.  Covenants are being created and everyone else must adjust or compete to invoke their will.  The faiths were in crisis.  To this day Shar struggled with interventions in a world not his own.  Unknown to Shar, Alicia was about to make a decision for all of them.


James said...
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James said...

Nice pics my brother. (Go bears!)

Gordzilla said...

Glad you liked them, I really liked them too.