Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Buki's Carnage

Body 1: Identified as Garrick, an official with the House of the Four Winds. A ½ elf

Body 2: Identified as Shanora, a former noble who lived in the Rat’s Nest. Her family’s ships and possessions were purchased by The House of the Four Winds. Human

Body 3: Yesper, a staircase guard captain. Human

Body 4: Martine Gurault, member of the Money Changers, in fact was responsible for handling money changing at Sunbow Manor. This is the body that the Manager asked you to get rid of that was taken to your lair and given to the ghoul. Elf

Body 5: Unidentified however his certain physical gifts make it obvious that he was an employee of Sunbow Manor. Human

Body 6: Darist Grockenstone, Twilight House member. Duegar.


Gordzilla said...

At some point during your work week one of your employees will leave a message that there was a elven male that stopped by here wish to speak with any or all of you. He said he was an official with the moneychangers.

James Caruso said...

Is Warroth Gurault a brother of martine or the elf mentioned in the above comment?

Gordzilla said...

Warroth is his Uncle