Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TARGET 777's

"I have work for all of you if you are ready." Tamros replied to Durg's inquiry. "I have it on good authority from Tressalien of the Sea Rovers that the 777's, damn their souls, have taken over one of the rear ships waiting to dock.  The ship is here to trade exotic meats and a strange spice said to enhance the senses.  Truth be told they are also here to deliver to us several roots and fungi that are components for Goodnight Kiss.  The ships name is the Salty Lightwing.  Tressailien says their plan is to impersonate the crew and sail it into port under a guise of normalcy.  Recover all you can and please make an example of them.  Make sure to recover the components or else we are off to an ominous beginning to our quest in corning the poison market!"

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