Monday, January 10, 2011

The Coldstones

The Coldstone clan of dwarves is new money in Stormhaven, having risen to wealth over the last hundred years.  They take their name from the market they have monopolized, the trading of so called, "cold-stones", small stones that radiate icy cold for years.  The clan has fallen on hard times over the last decade as their once reliable source of stones has become intermediate deliveries of far less amount than meets demand. The reasons for this disruption are unknown to all but the leaders of the clan.
Two years ago the clan's leadership changed to a ranger of some renown, Erich Von Coldstone.  Since his election to leadership, he has called forth his brothers from the Evening Isles.  While he and all of his brothers are volcano dwarves, Erich's long years away from his ancestral home have reduced his racial heritage to negligible difference from a standard dwarf.  His brothers however are still ruddy skinned and charred, seemingly immune to heat, and smiths of the finest skill.  Erich is said to have earned himself a fortune beyond the family trade and there has been plenty of gossip and speculation as to just how much and what that treasure is. 

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robm1171 said...

Well brothers, should we open talks w/ these dwarves? Some cold stones could help our larder keep for longer