Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tales from the Lifter Guild

Brix stared a hole in the back of his “superior”, Kaplan. Yet another order without explanation.  Kaplan was always telling Brix where to direct his eyes and occasionally where not to.  The latest order wasn’t surprising considering how paranoid Kaplan was.  Keep an eye on their newest strongman, the half dragon Versel.  Normally this type of thing didn’t bother Brix but he was so close to being done with the Lifter Guild and really wanted to avoid making any enemies. Beyond his personal plans though, Versel was a great new hire, as strong as any lifter, far from lazy, and once you got past the idea that he might eat you, seemed like a good guy.  Besides Brix had been at this for a while and if someone joined the lifter’s guild for ulterior motives they usually weren’t your hardest workers and ask way too many questions.  Only questions Versel has had have been about lift procedure, dinner, and a good bar.  Brix heard that Versel even took a fight at the Broken Barrel not too long ago.  He was fitting in well and Brix had just suggested a promotion for the fellow.  Brix figured he’d just give Kaplan some bogus reports and maybe if the opportunity presented itself, he could give Versel the heads up that someone is interested in his business.  Besides after the Solstice he would be raking in the money and be able to “retire” from the guild.  GG assured him that the investors were lined up and it wouldn’t be much longer before the first display of the crafter’s work.  Each group would fall all over themselves to invest and before they realized they had been duped, GG, Brix, and the crafter would be figuring out ways to spend their new wealth. Come to think of it, it might not be a bad idea to befriend the dragon man, he might need some muscle in the coming weeks. 

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