Monday, January 17, 2011

Abu bin Salaah

Born in a far away desert empire, Abu was the 5th generation of slaves in his family, 7th generation stonemason. Learning his craft from an early age, he labored and oversaw many small projects for his masters, the kings they called pharoahs. Not yet worthy of earning the title "master mason", his creations were rooms inside the huge temples and pyramids that the master masons oversaw the raising of. Cunning hidden doors, hallways that tricked the eye, these were the areas Abu excelled at.

Falling on hard times, he was sold at auction to the two swarthy fellows from a neighboring country, and the endured a long, hard voyage aboard ship, travelling to Stormhaven. While aboard, to pass the time, he began studying the ship's construction. The slavers treated him better than most of the others, due to his being educated and valuable. Under guard, he was allowed to exam the ship from bow to stern and thus began his learning of the shipwright's skill. Upon arriving at Stormhaven, he was told that his new masters, some type of melding of dragon and men, much like the gods of his country, would be wanting to meet with him and find out his areas of expertise. Always ready to sell himself, Abu bin Salaah made sure he was clean of the rank that the other, lower slaves had and presented himself to his new masters, his eyes roving over the building they were in and mentally making notes should the masters ever ask for his opinion

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