Friday, January 14, 2011

Pilini the Gnome

The gnome was loathe to leave behind his three most valuable magical possessions, but Pilini was confident that his nephew, Tendor a factotum of promising talent and skill would put them to better use. Pilini possessed some modest wild magical talents and skill as a gnome, but nothing that would measure to any significance in an adventuring life. Sure he could use magical devices and could bluff the lesser into thinking he was a powerful spellcaster with his rod of wonder and other baubles, but the truth was he was only an expert by profession.

His fortune changed after a fascinating palaver with a visiting dwarf adventurer and a strange gaunt human to Shabbad who shared extraordinary tales of a mythical dwarven island, a veritable island paved with mithril and rivers of molten gold. Pilini, was fascinated to find this city of Drakarmos and was beset with thoughts of retirement. All Pilini would have to do was see if this rumor of underdark highways were the ticket to the Drakarmos.

Pilini was a brewer by trade and specialized in replicating dwarven ales of all kinds, so much that even the most discriminating dwarven libation aficionados were challenged to discern the difference between Pilini’s brew and authentic dwarven ales. It was Pilini’s dream to make his fortune and retire in Drakarmos; the dwarves do love their cocktails, Pilini thought.

Pilini didn’t make it to Drakarmos, instead ten days into his journey he was captured by slavers. Treated fairly well, considering; each of his multitude of owners recognized Pilini for his skill and talent and was summarily treated relatively well. Pilini was even sometime outfitted and equipped, allowed to toil at his trade and even was recently elevated from ‘slave’ to indentured servant and was given employment at a bar in Stormhaven, an establishment at the Cinder Block.

Pilini entered this arrangement with renewed vigor. His new master, while terrible, red and frightening, shared his own talents and his liking for fine cigars.


robm1171 said...

HA! Stupid gnome, trying to find a mythical kingdom through an Underdark highway...

Gordzilla said...

It should be noted that Pilini's brew has become the bar's signature brand and is quite popular. The Liquor Commission has already granted its seal to the brew, which adds to the brisk sales, as liguor commission brews are guaranteed to be pure and safe, no danger of rotgut!