Monday, January 10, 2011

Treasure Pool

We had a little left overs to clear up. We found a total of 1100 gold coins as well as 12 pieces of jewelry worth a hundred gold a piece. There were some potions and oils left unpicked, and it seems they will be studied for replication later. There were also 4 masterwork longswords won from the wolf men. I propose we each take 250 coins and 2 pieces of jewelry (200 gp value) and put the remaining 100 coin and 4 pieces of jewelry into Son Commodities. We could also each take a sword, or add them to our training rooms and gyms for the fight club.


robm1171 said...

I agree w/ your splitting of the remaining treasure. As for the swords, I think we can each take one and do w/ it as we wish, i.e. add it to our hoards or put it in as auxiliry weapons for the fight club.

James said...

I like adding the swords to Neutral Grounds as aux weapons. :)