Thursday, January 20, 2011

01/19/11 Review

Late Sunday we reunited at Tamros’ parlor to arrange a Liquor Commission line of credit to Son Commodities, should it be necessary, in the amount of ten thousand gold; as well as to galvanize Jaren’s role in the LC as a Black Crown member.

Not long after, our ferocious quartet set out under the cover of the night to the ship The Salty Nightwing. Making some astute observations we find three larger ships anchored off Stormhaven, each waiting their turn for berth- along with half a dozen smaller boats weighted down with trade goods; either traversing between the three trade ships or reroute to Stormhaven.

Auge, with a distraction in mind, flew to the furthest vessel from our Salty target to the Island Rover to satisfy his pyromaniac appetite. Getting the surprise on the Salty crew the four of us fought viciously and created- what would be seen as an accidental discharge of a cannon within the Salty confines of the vessel. Meanwhile as his brothers fought, Auge focused on the prize and was successful in gathering the sought after poison components as well as magic and treasure for our troubles.

We were awarded 3000 XP and await the DMs ample list of magical items won from our Salty victory. We begin next session Monday morning with Nebin, the firggin spriggin and his first day as a Cinder Block employee as well as a visit from Arkeil and our private dealings with him away from the prying divinations of Twilight House. We are also to re-calculate our age now that we are 5th level.


robm1171 said...

I'm assuming we will figure our coin into our hoard amounts, correct? Oh, and what is the conversion for tainted items?

harrygoblin said...

All of this comment is spoken from Butch, not Jaren. We also gained information on the delivery of the Rods of Blood, and the fact that they are to be delivered to Uvrok, the derro who seems to be the immediate overseer of us and Arkiel as the gather team. At the very least, we know him to be a telepath, able to invade minds and communicate with just his mental prowess. We were given the name Kiara as a contact for specifics and she was the subject of an earlier post. In fact, It seems she was the first to realize that we were somehow inscrutable to divinations and such, even to the point that the telepath struggled to enter our minds.

Gordzilla said...

Figure tainted items as 1/2 Valyah! (value)

James said...

Brothers, a question. Would it be worth the time to research purposefully making tainted magic items? Approx market value is half listed, which makes it's creation a quarter listed value.

My thinking is to make some tainted items that magic properties would be irresistible to white dragons and some how get these items into their possession.

I know it's a longshot brothers, but we could hopefully weaken our enimies with taint. Just a thought.

(James) I spoke with Troy about this and he said with some research we could make such items for such prices. I have a 5th level feat to select and could select a item creation feat to this end (arms & armor or wands).

Butch, I'd be curious to know your feat selection for 5th level. We could try to complement our choices.