Monday, January 17, 2011


Amida had been born a gypsy. Traveling from city to city she had never called anywhere home. Her mother taught her to perform at an early age. Showing exceptional grace she excelled at dancing and was the best dancer in the troop by age 15. While dancing was her passion Amida developed another usefull quality. Her perception and interaction skills were second to none. It wasn’t long before her father had her selling homemade jewelry & trinkets in the crowds sizing up potential marks. She had the uncanny gift of distinguishing who really had money & who was trying to bluff her into their bed. They began supplementing their income as information brokers and muggers. It wasn’t long before her father drew the ire of a widespread assassin organization known as The Daemons of auric. The Daemons took offense to outsiders trafficking in information, especially their information. After a late night raid on the gypsy camp all men that offered resistance was put to death. The women and young boys were sold to a slave trader.

At the age of 18 Amida was traded to Kurtos, a former adventurer turned tavern owner. Kurtos and his wife took pity on Amida after learning of her story and put her to work in their tavern. Over the next 5 years she learned the ins and outs of the tavern and believed she would inherit it on their passing. Upon Kurtos death his wife is forced to sell the tavern along with Amida to settle old debts.

Amida soon found herself on a 3 month sea voyage heading to a city her masters referred to as Stormhaven. Though they try to conceal their conversations with whispered words Amida overhears that she is to be given to some sort of “dragon cult”. Her thoughts immediately stray to the stories of cultists sacrificing maidens to heathen gods. She was trying to overhear any other details of her new master, but the sights and sounds of this new city flooded her senses. As she stepped onto the giant platform that lifted them into the air she began to shake. The fear of her uncertain future welled up in her eyes. ”I am strong she whispered…I will survive”.

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