Tuesday, January 18, 2011

01/12/11 Review

Late Saturday, after disposing of the body the manager had requested, we went to the Broken Barrel. When we arrived, we discovered the establishment in turmoil as Giblet the Demon-blooded giant was in a rage. A rage wrought from, mayhap the breakup from Turana (The Muse?) who owns the Broken Barrel. His champion status at the Broken Barrel was tested and fell to our overwhelming power. Now dead, we secured the magical ring we were to gather and eventually made a gnomish contact named Nebin; a friggin spriggin. Having no loyalties to the Broken Barrel Nebin was offered employment at the Cinder Block to which he agreed.

It was also revealed through conversation that Turana was looking for a particular, mayhap unique sword named Wen-Hastani or Kermaga? (Somebody please correct me here).

Midnight – Saturday into Sunday. After bringing back Giblet’s carcass back to the lair for later component harvest, we set out to Twilight House to meet with Arkeil. Upon arrival we find the house grounds still occupied of refugees, however; not all is in disarray. In fact a large group, upwards of two dozen, was equipped and is prepared for something, as early as Sunday morning.

At the watch tower we returned the ring to Arkeil and Twilight House. Having completed another task we are rewarded with gold, magic and four watermarks to use as we will.

Sunday morning. Jaren comes up with an idea to offer to our dragon mother the holy sword, armor, relic-bracers and shiled (approx value 91,000 gold) from the Stormwave Paladin. We would commune with her via the Dragon-Heart and in return we ask for knowledge on how to purify the taint from magic items. When we at last awakened it is dark, the sun long since set. We are in pain and are filled with dread. Nothing will be granted until the whites are killed, is her lasting remark upon us. We were, however; bestowed two tomes: The Dancing Wizard’s Workbook and the High Alchemy of Deogolsson. (101 Spellbooks, pg 11)

We begin next session with the Seven’s Ship.


Gordzilla said...

I made an edit to the very beginning but other than that a fine review. Thanks again James

Gordzilla said...

Regarding the sword you mention, I will eventually give you correct spelling etc but this is the first you've heard of the sword or the "Muse's" name

James said...

No problem. I was hoping I was getting the context right, not necessarily the spellings. :)