Thursday, January 27, 2011

01/26/11 Review

With the gain in prestige come new feats of power for us all, including a new surname to our true-names as well as gifts carried down to us from our inheritance.

We began our day late Monday morning, with a day that marks the first day of our soft opening for the restaurant and bar at the Cinder Block. Little did we know that the contacts gathered to palaver with us would keep us from venturing forth from our estate…

Kiara, a member of Twilight House and of outsider-sorcererous blood, came to us with grim tidings. Councilman Uvrock of Twilight House moves against us and seeks to grant the Rod of Dragon’s Blood to the Whites. It is her belief that because we escape his mind intrusions, he seeks to garner favor to new, more amiable pawns. Kiara knows not the exact time, but knows that the minor rod will be transported through the Worthy Gate tomorrow night by a delivery team consisting of a hired ogre and a troll- amongst others. The rods were brought here by ship and are off the record as far as the Guild is concerned. All she asks in return is a billet of chainmail fabric. Before her alluring figure could depart Auge sold her a cloak of charisma and was able to get her scent.

Afterward, the dwarf Tamros was led into the lower levels where he was allowed to gawk at Auge’s considerable alchemy laboratory and work stations. Tamros broached the topic of dropping briefly from the public eye so to focus on his, and by extension our positions in the Liquor Commission Guild. Tamros would see all further component deliveries and LC guild contacts through Auge’s new souk. Salivating with greed Auge proclaims to Tamros and his brothers that the greatest and most potent poison in Stormhaven is within his grasp. It will surely spell disaster for the Whites. Work beings tomorrow with Vercil, Jaren and Durg- all agreed to supply some component and aid to its end.

Finally, into the night we met and feasted with Arkeil, to whom we owe some transfer of information away from the prying intrusions of Uvrock and the Mind Flayers of Twilight House. Arkeil is brought up to date on all of our dealings and projects regarding Sons Commodities. Of the new things we learn from him, we better understand the guild structure of Twilight House. That there is a trinity of sorts: mantles of leadership are worn by the Stormhaven Twilight House leader, a Underdark leader and an Arbitrator. In addition, Arkeil believes that the Mind Flayers support Uvrock for their own alien and twisted devices. Furthermore, Kaer Maga is a place or rather a local legend. The story is, Kaer Maga is accessed via a hidden entrance central to the Driftdowns and is an underwater city comprised of the most vile and evil individuals from the world around. This could be the resting place of the sword that the Muse is searching for.

Many other plans were outlined for the remainder of the week, including plans for the souk, Durg’s aspirations as a Drifdown gang leader and Jaren poising to the group his plan on attracting a cleric of fire.

We begin next session, Tuesday, with Arkiel meeting us near the worthy gate. He will be in the neighborhood and we'll signal him via the message spell through our Watermark when the attack will commence.  Kiara was unsure what time the delivery would take place, only knowing that it would be in the evening.
Later in the week, Tuesday: work begins on the shop, and Auge and Tamros work together on the poison. Wednesday: Jaren meets with Zanthipae and Auge creates his healing belt. Thursday: Auge begins work on a wand. Friday: Bard auditions and Jaren begins work on the Stove for the Volcano Dwarf brothers. Saturday: one week until the winter solstice.


James said...

Brothers: Make a list of dusts, potions, and misc magic you want to sell so I can compile an inventory for the souk.

James: Posting them via comments or emailing them would be great so I can cut and paste to a spreadsheet.

robm1171 said...

Would you be willing to sell, either openly or not, tainted items? I've got a couple of tainted +1 cloaks of resistance. Being known for selling tainted items may be bad for business, is why i'm asking.

harrygoblin said...

I'm not tryin to bust your balls, but what is a souk?

James said...

Rob- I don't think it will be bad for business if we disclose the 'uniqueness' of the items.

Souk: –noun (esp. in the Arab countries) the market, esp. the traditional bazaar.

James said...

Besides Rob, a magic shop is the forum we need to liquidate our extraneous items. And if we learn how to remove the taint, all the better. :)

harrygoblin said...

cool. thanks, I dindnt think to dictionary. And I agree - it is already accepted by many that the cheaper items are all they can afford. It may even bring business.

James said...

No worries. I'm anxious to make some money in this venture and gain some renown.

robm1171 said...

Awesome, then my cloaks of resistance are for sale!