Monday, January 24, 2011

Journal Entry: Auge

I still feel a little disoriented from the knowledge departed to me from the scroll. I must now devote my research to the tome granted to us by Mother, The High Alchemy of Deogolsson. I will chronicle more after I unlock the fruits of its knowledge.

Deogolsson was a great aid in my advancements. I have expanded my alchemy skills and have made some discoveries, minor in the scope of what I will ultimately achieve:

Stinkpot: This is a simple alchemical weapon, consisting of a clay jar filled with a mix of noxious substances. When set alight, the mixture produces a foul-smelling smoke that fills a ten-foot cube.
Each living creature within overcome the smoke with their superior fortitude or become sickened as long as the smoke remains and for up to thirty seconds (1d4+5 rounds) after an opponent leaves. Each moment a creature remains within the smoke, it takes to task their fortitude limits. The pot’s contents are consumed in after fifteen seconds, and the vapors disperse naturally.
(Source: Stormwrack pg 108 Gear. Cost to create 23g. DC20.)

I have also discovered new extracts as grow in power in my profession. The Quick potion extract, allows me to create a potion on the fly from any extract I know but must be consumed within five hours. As well as an extract that will surely aid me and my dragon brothers; the Scintillating Scales extract will transforms our draconic natural armor into protection that deflects attacks thereby aiding our combat against enemy spellcasters who like to use touch-based magics or attacks.

Lastly, my craft trade now expands to crafting Wands. My wands will be unique. Not wooden sticks or gem encrusted batons, but ivory shafts carved into intricate draconic shapes. I will have to place an order with the Habibs for such raw ivory components- five shall do initially. Furthermore, I shall have to speak to my brothers about giving me a small shop space to peddle my wares to fill my coffers.

The time to confront the Whites is close at hand, I can smell it in the air.


robm1171 said...

I believe the 2 Habibs claimed to deal in ivory. If this was just a claim, perhaps they could be persuaded to expand their area of trade

James said...

that's why I chose ivory. :)