Friday, December 26, 2014

Schemes and Choices

After the midnight gathering at the Cinder Block, Warroth Gurault made sure the security teams nearby stood down, while the remaining elves and dwarves returned to their war council, a hidden location in the Nobel District. Truth to tell the only two current council members that had used The Bunker previously was Elias Seawillow and Styrik Rockhammer.  Warroth knew his fellow elves would split off into separate chambers to discuss the treaty which would probably give him enough time to contact Potior and update him on the current situation. Potior was easily the smartest human Warroth had ever known. The wizard had warned Warroth to beware of Adalwin eight months before his attempted coup, it had paid to keep Potior's council.

The elves sat around the curved table, Elias Seawillow at its center. Several conversations segueing to arguments were being had before Elias raised his left hand and the chamber grew quiet. “I certainly wish that Warroth was here but I’m afraid we’ll have to decide without him. Argument will do us no good, I will give you each a chance to speak but please spare arguing against another opinion, simply make the case for your own.”  The other four elves nodded their understanding before Elias continued, “Senevessa please speak freely.”

“It seems to me we have a variety of unpalatable choices and must try to choose the one that provides the most people with the greatest chance of survival.  We certainly didn’t do those poor souls in the Driftdowns any good.” Senevessa paused, noting Elias’ pained expression, she was impressed that he did not interrupt, “We must always remember that our enemies use their fallen as fuel for their mad schemes while our numbers simply dwindle. I already fear the price we’ll pay when King Rieci realizes who his armies serve these next two years.”  The other elves were nodding along with the priestess when Warroth finally entered and took his seat. “Send the Undefeated against the Jailer and pray that somehow our enemies destroy each other before turning their full wrath against the Sea elves.”

Senevessa’swords seemed to reverberate in the ears of the others, shocked silence followed her last two words, a title for their people that had not been uttered since the elves originally arrived at Stormhaven.

Cavian Seawillow spoke next, simply stating, “I second Senevessa’s words of wisdom. We have left ourselves few options.”
Tycho Nikias spoke next, his voice a rich smooth sound that could hypnotize the weak minded, “Senevessa your words are always wise but I would ask us to consider taking two paths.” Eyebrows were raised, questions obviously forming on the other elves lips but Tycho continued before they could ask, “I would request that you allow me to undertake preparations for the moments and days after the Jailer’s destruction, our enemies will already have a plan in place, so should we.”

ChryseisSalima was next to speak, the regal woman smiled at the others before stating, “None of you will be surprised to hear me support my lover Tycho’s words,” she paused, smiling at her audacity in speaking aloud what the others privately suspected, “however I do think he proposes a wise action, before today I’m not sure any of us believed the day would come when the jailer would no longer threaten our home, yet for any of us to survive that day must come.  Tycho will have us well positioned whatever the outcome.”

All eyes turned to Warroth Gurralt, “I have most recently heard an interesting tale, I believe a location of great value has been discovered..”

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