Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review 12/03/2014

Who called me chunky? 
We begin our session with some observations of our enemies; trolls and drow half dragons of the blue
variety. Jaren discerns the location of the dragon egg to be below the quartermaster deck. Our opening salvo was a dragon breath strafing run coming up from the rear and onward across the prow as well as penetrating two dispel magic walls or possibly a shell around the ships.

Round 1.. fight!
Xeyog: unloads a shit ton of arrows at Auge.
Darkmantle: Flies 60’ up.
Versel: Drinks a potion and (after Jaren’s teleport fails) lands 15’ away from Xeyog.
Jaren: Teleport fail, followed by a successful greater dispel centered on the dispel magic wall, also getting the dimensional lock and trolls as well.
Sorosh: = huge air elemental.
Auge: Fire bombs the trolls.
Vestrack: moves and descends the stairs under the quarter deck.
Durg the rager: moves to Vlad and attacks.
Issek: outlines Durg in farie fire and drinks a potion.
Zelfane: Does stuff.
Matron Troll: dives for the cooling ocean waters extinguishing her ongoing fire damage.
The Render Troll: Moves and attacks Durg.
The Monarch: moves to flank Durg and teams up with the Render for an attack.
Yermgar: Does stuff.
Seraptis: Does stuff.
Iggy: Does Stuff.
Emorma: Does stuff.
Vlad: returns attacks upon Durg the surrounded.

Round 2
Xeyog: Attacks Versel with his deadly bow.
Darkmantle: Drinks a potion and utilizes a wand.
Auge: Healing potion, Eternal Wand CCW, +5’ toward Vastrack’s escape.
Versel: Flurry of blows on Xeyog.
Sorosh: = huge water elemental vs. Troll Matron
Jaren: 2 action dice for undead inheritance and drink a potion
Vestrack: Does stuff.
Durg: continues to punish Vlad.
Issek: again targets Durg with a spell effect and moves in to flank with Vlad against Durg.
Zelfane: Does stuff.
Matron Troll: vs. Sorosh
The Render Troll: Full attacks on Durg.
The Monarch: Full attacks on Durg.
Yermgar: Floats up from the quarter deck and does stuff.
Seraptis: Appearing as a demonic woman moves to grapple Jaren.
Iggy: the Cheitan appears on the battle field and does stuff.
Emorma: power word blind on Versel.
Vlad: Full attacks on Durg.

Round 3
Xeyog: withdraws and descends to the quarter deck.
Darkmantle: sends a bird, closes the distance on Versel for attacks.
Auge: two successful dispel magic bombs on darkmantle, +5’ toward Vastrack’s escape.
Versel: Flurry of blows on Darkmantle = RIP.
Jaren: Dimension Doors away and after one attempt failed because of spell immunity, Jaren targets Seraptis = RIP.
Sorosh: = huge vortex vs. Troll Matron
Vestrack (below): Does stuff.
Durg: = RIP Vlad.
Issek: flies straight up.
Zelfane: attempts a death strike on Auge.         
Matron Troll: swims into the vortex.
The Render Troll (RIP): Full attack on Durg.
The Monarch (RIP): Invisibility purge
Yermgar: on the quarter deck unloads a cold strike killing the trolls.
Seraptis: RIP
Iggy: the Cheitan fails to slay Versel but awards him with 4 negative levels. It was a 9th level divine spell.
Emorma: Ray vs. Versel to little effect.
Vlad: RIP Mr. V

We begin next week with Round 4 after Xeyog who has already moved and did stuff- he is below deck along with Vastrack. Above deck are Issek, Zelfane, Yermgar, the Cheitan and Emorma. 


robm1171 said...

Now, is that all 3 ships???

harrygoblin said...

That's correct rob.. The fourth ship on the page is a life out on deck of each of the other three. That's the detail we all always forget!

harrygoblin said...

Life boat, not life out.