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Review 12/30/2014

Our session began in the forgotten VanFleet armory where we had found a cache of magic items; Durg & Versel found the VanFleet relics: The Oathbow, a Robe of the Archmagi (Neutral), and The Helm of the Stormlord

We also discussed actions for the next week: the transportation of the entire VanFleet armory with the use of Auge's mildly impressive folding barrels of type I holding. Delivering all of Savidia's alchemy-bomb components, as well as the transportation of the 200 *free prisoners* from the Rockhammer's to Africa

While Jaren would be busy teleporting around the world (spellcasters to nimbus and non-spellcasters to the Plinth. Auge would use his Trident publicly and often in Nimbus often accompanied by Durg who also stayed in Nimbus whileVersel would pursue spiritual enlightenment in Spragle Tower

Before Nimbus we assembled at the Cinder Block. Auge spoke with Hogni about relocating to Lowport, to which Hogni expressed interest as long as he can take his work with him. Auge tells him to come up with the logistics of what that entails within a week. From the Cinder Block Jaren Teleports our party along with Doctor Serart to Spragle Tower. 

It had been over a month since our last visit and much had changed. The training grounds were amass with troop movement, around 500 individual humanoids including drow who were running the show. A battle occurred and netted the drow 3 surface elf prisoners. These prisoners were humiliated, on display and being vigorously questioned. 

We appear above the exercises and land making no effort to disguise our presence. This earned the attention of a royal drow woman and her entourage who challenges us. Jaren (who is the only one who speaks drow) has Sorosh formally introduce us. She is introduced as Darakal. 

After conversation translated through Jaren we learn that a clan of elves who were weakened by alchemical defilement were recently defeated. The ogres here are a gift from the half dragons of the Plinth. During our discussion Durg gifted the Queen of Darkell with Doctor Serart on behalf of the Church of Tiamat, which she accepts by having him whipped and branded with the sigil of her drow house. 

Before parting company Auge turns on the charm and approaches the Queen gifting her with the Necklace of Netted Stars, which she eagerly accepts as a dowry. A show of respect is given by her entourage indicating that Auge would romance at least a daughter. Before parting Queen  gives Auge a jeweled neck guard denoting him as a guest of the Queen. 

With that done Jaren begins teleporting across the world; Auge and Durg settle in Nimbus for a week. Versel goes to visit the spirit Druid but discovers a bloody battlefield where once was the bread-basket for Spragle Tower. This incensed the red-monk. He commanded all the half-dragons here about to gather all the bodies, take them elsewhere and burn them. Now. 

The half-dragons balked at first stating that the 'wizard in the tower' wanted to use them as undead. This only further angered the monk- to use something as unnatural as undead flew in the face of our battle against the thing that should not be. The half-dragons were given no choice but to follow Versel's command. Versel consults with individuals at the monastery learning that the druid still lives and several members of the monastery agree to begin restoring the fields. 

A few days go by and on November 1st...

As Jaren prepares the first of his followers to travel to Nimbus a half dozen giants begin leaping down from the sky. The city erupts into chaos as cloud and storm giants smash structures with the impact of their landing. The Undefeated have arrived. Jaren who speaks the giant tounge understands when some of the giants voice their concerns regarding the magical restrictions they are experiencing. The giants then beging calling out to the Seawillows. 

Bravely Jaren, enlarged by Sarosh, emerges and makes himself known. Initially mistaken for a Seawillow, Sarosh formally introduces his master. After some brief discussion Jaren explains how magic 'works' here in Stormhaven then pointing them in the direction of the Seawillow estate. 

In the meantime five wide cloud banks break through Stormhaven's invisible dome and come to rest 100' above the world disk, but not directly over it. Undaunted Jaren continues with this world jaunting. 

It was around noon when Jaren feels a deep touch of magic when the ring of clouds finishes forming around Stormhaven granting the giants access to their magic once again. 

Tuesday, November 3rd- Stormhaven

The weather was rainy making it difficult to see, but that did not stop us from trying to gain audience from the King Giant. We were dissapointed to learn we must go through the Seawillows to do it. 

9am at the Seawillow estate we find two giants one of which is Nimbosus along with Elias, Janis and the Powell. Several discussions were laced with obscure references and hints at information: Auge is identified as one who had escaped the Jailer, Versel reveals his knowledge of the Giants hire, and Jaren hints at assassins. 

Elias: Adalwin consideres the treaty broken with the loss of this called devils and a rumored attempt on his life. He asks if we can relay a message to Adalwin and, as a act of good faith, returns 6 minor spellbooks to the Crown. 

11am: the Crown sans devils. A distant projected image greets us, it was up to our own devices to enter and leave the crown.. .until he reforms in a month. Entering the crown we discover the attempt on his life was a success and the deep-cover dwarf assassin escaped. 

With less than 20 individuals in the Crown, Adalwin maintains he has always had the Jailer as a target, it was not him that broke the treaty. 

Having free reign over the Crown the four of us converge on the library where Versel finds a book of the Four Winds and Jaren finds a truename workbook on individuals in the Crown, one being Youvalan allowing him to partially name the elusive diviner. 

Durg evacuates the remaining members of the Broken Coven to the Twilight House then we head to the Cinder Block. 

3pm. At the Cinder Block we see that spirit of the Neutral Grounds is intact and Jaren writes a convincing letter to the elves assuring them the treaty is intact. 

We pick up next week with dinner with Cavian Seawillow (Elias' son) and audience in the court of the Giant King. 

Happy New Year!


Russ said...

After the game we brought up the point of packting with Serosh. That's what prompted the covenant email.

Not that we need to add more things to do but if the Giants forced the Devils out does that mean Vanfleet manor & a gate are available for the taking?

Gordzilla said...

Edits added.

James Caruso said...

Thank you TG hopefully one of them was the proper spelling of Youvalan :)

James Caruso said...

'She is introduced as Darakal.'