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Review 12/23/2014

We begin the session with Jaren and Durg the Diplomat arriving to the Crown to see numerous hellish flying creatures flying over the tower. A projected image receives them and through an opening created by the swarm of devils the two red brothers enter the Crown. After a verification process Adalwin Joscelin meets them for a breakfast buffet. Whilst eating and talking Durg opens with news regarding the treaty.

LL' Tanmor
After taking in the details of the treaty Adawin reveals he has something he wants to show ‘us.’ From a seeing pool are projected images of Elias Seawillow speaking with an eastern woman as well as some other eastern associates in what looked like a deal brokered for our assassination. It occurred in the market place where four artist renderings of us were handed over to her presumably to identify us. Other wizards came to enhance the scenes of more unfavorable and unrelated insults were made to our trust in the elves but lastly The Undefeated was revealed. They are, in Adalwin’s words, the greatest physical and tactical storehouse of expertise in regards to warfare on this world or hell as far as he knows.

Jaren and Durg are introduced to the Apostrophes: Cer’Enth’Elyt, Angeec’a, Tin’Ust Ves’Ineo, and LL’ Tanmor; bodyguard devils in service to Adalwin and the Crown. The Apostrophes foil attempts at unauthorized magical travel in the Crown and are possessed of teamwork skills.

Adalwin excuses himself with Cer’Enth’Elyt and Angeec’a leaving Jaren with the company of Gray Oslinar and Durg the Inspirer of Truthful Discourse with Rothing Turkough.

Rothing Turkough gives Durg reports on various mages in Stormhaven who have displayed questionable actions but it was Doctor Serart Durg wanted. While no new mages have been documented, Rothing suggests creating a roster for such an occasion as this. When pressed further, Rothing uncovers a report that Serart requested information on elemental magic types, pacts and experts and architectural information on the VanFleet Estate as well as six VanFleet buildings in the Rats Nest.  It was also revealed that Lerid Atban could be a good friend of Serart due to the several messages left at the Crown for Serart from Lerid (who frequents Sunbow Mansion).
Gray Oslinar

Meanwhile Jaren was meeting with Gray Oslinar about books and the status gathering spellbooks. While scrolls have been acquired, spellbooks are likely still to be had on the battlefront in the streets. It was suggested then agreed that Gray would leave the Crown with Jaren this afternoon to expedite her efforts.

Before Jaren and Durg leave Adawin asks that their travels in and out of the Crown be kept private and that he is ready for a counter offer. There will be an immediate cease fire while negotiations are pending, he has already put out an order calling for a stand-down and defend when necessary.

Jaren teleports everyone out of the Crown, Gray does stuff, and Durg the Messenger visits Staircase Keep and drops one to his Broken Coven.

The four of us reunite to deliver Adalwin’s counter offer. First, the Seawillow families who, come to find out later are from lost elven islands that were situated between eastern Africa coastline and the volcanic island chain. In a bookgiven to Jaren by Sniper, Seawillow was not their progenitor name, but a variation of it; changed when arrived in Stormhaven.

Elias Seawillow
The Seawillow grounds were protected with much magic and fey creatures such as 100 disciplined owlbears and other beast-men in training. Elven rangers were posted about each using camouflage as sentries.

The gates were opened and a tent erected as the manor doors left open as a sign of good faith. Jaren delivers Adalwin’s message, Elias offers to see this to the other elf families (Gurault and Nikias), and we are soon formally escorted off the grounds.

At the Rockhammers on the other hand were cocky and drunk with recent victory who, received us less formally. We are shown to our dwarven contact who has no problem with Adalwin’s counter offer and will confer with the Greystones, but the Rockhammer’s have a problem of their own. The kindness they has shown the mages prisoners of war are weighing on their dwarf resources.

Held in an antimagic sphere are 200 mages, who are literally free to leave but do not knowing what is out there. After some discussion it was tabled that we could interview these individuals as candidates for university wizards in Nimbus, front line mages, or spell casters to be taken to Lowport or Darkell; with the understanding they remain away unless called upon and or the leadership in Stormhaven is settled. Tabled for another day. 

Cease fire. The city takes on a quietness not heard in a long time.

Back at the Cinder Block we discuss the implications of the Assassin and the Undefeated.
Hellish Leftover

2 pm we converge on the VanFleet Manor where we find several hellish leftovers who are holed up. Tieflings, elementals, and a few unique devils have used the VanFleet Manor as a fall back point; just as Adawin said they would.

Focusing on the outlying buildings we find nothing noteworthy in the first two, the third however held something undead, magical, and aberrant obviously former VanFleet sympathizers. We save that one for later. Moving on Durg discovered evidence of Doctor Serart and follows it to an old undiscovered VanFleet Armory. It was here we find Doctor Serart looking desperately through racks of finery.

After neutralizing and questioning him we discover a bounty placed on Hogni by the Dragonsbane house, three items of legend Serart was hoping to find here (the Rakshasha’s never found this repository), and his foolery for acting as he did to earn Durg’s ire. He gives over a bag of holding containing the leger for the VanFleet Armory, while all the magic items are coded at the time of this leger all three items of which he searches for were here.

For all Doctor Serart’s unpleasantness he claims to create (flesh) golems which could be valuable. In the meantime we begin next game session searching through the armory. 

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