Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Funeral

Centaur City hadn’t seen a Drow, let alone Shar in generations.  Most of those in attendance were there not to mourn Alicia, but out of simple curiosity. Few realized that the great wizard’s wife had once been one of their tribe before her magical transformation.  The Drow wizard had prepared everything, the burial grounds, the dedication, and loving tribute.  The dark elf magician spoke for hours, educating everyone on the amazing life his wife had led. Were it not for the magical effects the Drow provided, the short attention spans of the centaurs would have lost interest in his words.  His magic’s kept them enraptured. When the ceremony was finished Shar requested some privacy and time alone at the memorial. 

Shar’s thoughts turned inward as the last of the centaurs departed.  The Drow prayed silently, pleading to his god that his tribute to her would overtake the memories of her last days.   Tears streamed down his cheek remembering Alicia’s frustrated dream of bearing him children and the last attempt, a stillborn child whose lifeless birth seemed to steal the will to live from his wife of these many years.  The wizard’s thoughts turned to self-inspection, angry and ashamed with himself for not seeing her pain, anger at her for having their last year together filled with so much pain.  Why hadn't he recognized her madness?  The stillborn child, the hatred in Alicia’s eyes when Shar had told her…  Shar realized he should have known when he watched her initial preparations, but alas love is blind. 

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