Friday, October 31, 2014

Review 10/29/2014

It took two teleports but Jaren was successful at transporting the brothers red as well as Savidia, Sorosh, Maycorth, Potior and Hiens Imber to Nimbus. We were well received by a trusting Erilis and two half-dragon supplicants from the front lines. 

Erilis gave us a parchment from our first acquaintance Lopel, who recognized our encounter and the prestige it gave him. The parchments were writs of property purchased in our name, an joining estate off of his own. Interesting to note Lopel is a regular in temple worship as well. We send a message to have Lopel for dinner. 

We share our short term goals to Erilis- docks, barbarians, Lowport. When Lowport was mentioned it took us to the subject of Avericia's nemesis as Kazgorogg's chosen. As for the barbarians, they have unsettled the immediate region with their logging techniques- people are concerned. We advise that Nimbus is our primary nest while on Africa. 

Pleased as can be Erilis hosts the NPCs as we fly down to the hamlet near the docks. After some initial observations of the area we encounter the Catman we were told of earlier that day speaking with aquatic elves. We did not advance but made it clear we were approachable. Just then a dozen ogre barbarians rage against the trees causing chaos. 

The Catman, tall, was dressed simply and seemed to air walk. It was Sorosh who would make formal introductions. His name is Tenovive. We tell him our plans for the docks with the goal for mutual benefit. He thanks us for the courtesy, and asks for a day before Jaren begins. When asked what his interests in the docks are- he said he secures passage for his kind for sea voyage... anywhere and everywhere. 

After sealing the gentleman's agreement with a cigar Ague further questions his local connections and discovers Tenovive as a viable tobacco supplier. Ten 100 gp gems was given to Tenovive toward that venture. 

With that concluded we confront the *branded*, giant speaking ogre barbarians. After asking them where they were camped they led us down an obvious path to Giant Ruins. The ogres had pulled out treasure from a portion of the ruins, a cache from the traveling giant hoarders. There was a variety of aged weapons and one ancient giant magical pole arm. Earthbreaker a weapon from an earlier age.  

The two ogres that discovered the weapon led us into the ruins where they raged against the stone to unearth the weapon. In a collapsed room was an earth elemental font; a one way gate from the elemental plane of earth not unlike our dragonheart for earth creatures. 

The sun was affecting the ancient pole arm so after discussing the matter, we would eventually move it to the temple in Nimbus. Then we considered all the implications and decided it was time to deal with these giant hoarders and hopefully find the starmetal Erilis wants. 

Durg set out tracking the giants and found that they have a special way of traveling, then we discover their ruse as disguised trees just in time to be surprised. 

Durg rages against the giants. 
The giants sunder, grapple, daze, stun and fuck us all up. 
Sorosh teleports Jaren and Auge 300' away. (edge of the path)
Versel's intelligent item casts magic circle vs. chaos

Durg is dazed. 
Giants 2 and 4 charge toward the approaching ogres. Two ogres on Durg and Versel. 
Jaren casts a maximized empowered fireball to make everyone's day then a quickened maximized orb of force at the tallest giant to seal the deal. 
Versel is dazed
Auge is stunned and dazed. We begin next week with round 3 of combat. 

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