Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review 12/10/2014

In less than a minute the sons of Nissian were successful in procuring a dragon egg. This dragon egg was larger than the one palmed from the merchant and was farther along in its development. Leaving foes behind Jaren teleports Auge, Durg and Versel to mother’s lair; only to find mother and her court gone just as the egg was beginning to hatch.

The creature was a pale thing 3.5 feet long, pale and obviously pre mature, it screamed for an hour as it broke from its placental confines. Eventually we agreed that this was important enough to reach out and contact Avericia. She received our call angrily and with overwhelming displeasure. She said she was occupied and that the hatchling would have to basically front the cost of her attention else the thing was on its own. The communication was very brief but during a shared dream we saw Averica laying waste to Hell and bearded devils. The smaller egg was placed in a repository with the other young eggs when Durg expresses an interest in the dragon hatchling.

Expending his breath weapon upon the hatchling, Durg brought into existence some physical changes in the hatchling giving it the mark of sin as well as giving the creature its own breath weapon. Durg: if it can survive in Avericia’s harsh lair then it deserves a chance. NICE! We decide to rest here after our combat. (54,600 xp)

The next morning Jaren teleports us to Lowport, Sorosh, and the Barge. When we get there we are given a message notifying us of Maycorth’s location, a villa owned by a friend of the family. We say our goodbyes to Daymar and retrieve Potior then we make our way to Maycorth and his family making sure not to be noticed.

Arriving to a Greek style villa complete with baths Maycorth greets us with gratitude and our compensation. He would, however like him and his family transported to the Evening Isles because everyone he has talked to thus far maintain the isles are a drift and beyond most sailors skill to find. Confirming the disturbing revelation we nevertheless are able to get him and his wife and son home.

Maycorth provides us each with a signet ring, list of ships and agreements in his family’s network located around what becomes the Mediterranean Sea. He agrees to provide free priority shipping as well as 20% of his own freight for as long as he, his wife or his son survives. We agree but would rather be owners on paper but agree to supply a venture president, to eventually come from the Saltsure camp. Nice! The all works well for all parties involved.

A short time later Sorosh teleports Macorth, family and two guards to the Evening Isles and
Maycorth Castle where he awards us with a take-me-home bonus of 25,000 platinum in a type 2 bag of holding.

After Sorosh returns it was time for us to return to Nimbus. (Monday) We announce our intentions to our people in Nimbus (Barbazu) and take requests for components to bring back. Savidia: bomb components. Potior: Spell books. At this Jaren gifts Potior with a book and sells him another, both were Gretchen VanFleet’s spell books. NICE! In return Potior will pay for the book within 3 months and provide scrolls of a select few from these works.

Auge gathers commodities to take to Stormhaven for trade: tobacco, fruit, juices, etc. and Jaren teleports us to the Cinder Block. It is here we find Claret Pauchard who informs us of the past week since we left. Recent fighting in the streets has allowed her to monetize our Neutral Grounds as a hospice for combatants for three times the rent. The elves and dwarves have the Crown on its heels (it is still under lockdown) but the Crown seems to have an endless supply of creatures to employ in their favor.

We pick up Monday at noon waiting to hear from Diedre Saltsure and Durg messaging the mage-guard to assemble.

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