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Review 12/17/2014

Struttn to the Embassy
Our session began with Durg’s meeting with the Broken Coven, its members keen against Adalwin who (it was revealed by Durg) is using souls to deliver Stormhaven to Hell. Sniper said that most of what remains outside the Crown is against the insane motivations of Adalwin. As this was taking place, the Doctor was slowly making his exit. To appear at the Vial and Flask, where we have new items on display, the Doctor escaped both Auge and Versel’s attempt at taking him alive.

Assuming his retreat was to the Crown; Durg flies to the location and parleys for the Doctor and his happy to wait. The communication was through Durg and a lower devil by witch Adalwin spoke through. After an hour the lower devil was replaced by a shaven and severely beaten individual who was NOT the Doctor. The individual was taken to the Cinder Block.

Once back at the Neutral Grounds the Sniper brings three spell books and Jaren gifts Sniper with a weapon crystal, a weapon and the sale of another (+2 flaming great axe and a +2 flaming burst whip.) In the meantime the Broken Coven was told to hide and use the Staircase Keep as a haven and a way to leave message.

The shaven individual offered in lieu of the Doctor was a cook by the name of Brior (7th level sorcerer), who explained how he was beaten by devils until unconsciousness and awoke here- wherever ‘here’ is. He says Serart (aka the Doctor) was not well liked because of the disgusting things he does. Like some kind of fleshcrafter.

Not long after our questioning of Brior he and his family were offered employment as a servant family for us in Nimbus, giving him status in a land of milk and honey as well as a role in a future wizard college and education for his son. Brior deserved to be one of Jaren’s followers.

As this was going on Versel went to Nissian’s embassy and was soon followed by lifters who recognized him as well as a troupe of elves and a beard of dwarves. Keeping to his business at hand Versel enters the Embassy (does not ‘reset’ watermarks, it takes all four of us) and pays for a wish scroll from Nissian. From here Versel looks for the Iron Golem that seems to be patrolling the area and finds the construct locked in mortal combat with a gelatinous cube. The combat was taking place in front of an eastern embassy that had been ransacked- literally cleaned of furnishings, art, and the papers.
Back at the Cinder Block it was noon and time for our business meeting with Diedre. Several things were discussed such as staring the efforts on minting coins in Nimbus (one year time table), handing over the administration of the Cold Stone mines (giving us her magical ‘business cards’ putting her in our camp), and how to handle and resolve the current unrest in the city. Her suggestion was one we support: offer a competition that whoever defeats/destroys Claustrum wins the rights to rule Stormhaven.

As we hash out the details a group of elves and dwarves respond to our call after healing some of the wounded in the Neutral Grounds hospice. Members of the Rockhammer, Greystone, Seawillow as well as one more elven house sat and digested Diedre’s suggestion to end the battle in the streets.

The Elves seem okay with the plan with the dwarves split, half want to kill Adalwin and the other half are wary of the end result should Adalwin prevail over the aboleth. It is universally agreed that the jailer is priority number one. But until the elf/dwarf camp can prove to be a threat (ie breaking into the Crown) when they fear the plan has no weight. One elf suspects that Nissian holds an important key in this regard but Jaren was able to steer that plan aside by assuring the treaty will be delivered with a spin on the plan that Adalwin has a win-win here as long as he stays out of Stormhaven. The Crown being an exception as well as Neutral Grounds because ‘an attack at the Neutral Grounds is an attack on the city.’

In return the Elf and Dwarf families promise gratitude in the future with SONS Commodities, but why stop there when cold stones are available through SONS and artisans are desired to fill our holdings with art.

Our post meeting involved conversations on gates and a +3 earthbreaker hammer human bane that earned eight ships for SONS (3 small, 3 medium, and 2 large) each scattered around the globe but are to report to Nimbus immediately. Other items were sold by Durg (+2 dwarf full plate) and Jaren (+2 dwarfbonded war hammer for 20k in marble for the Stormhaven temple).

Early tomorrow we hope to deliver the treaty to Adalwin, Versel to drop in on our holdings, Jaren scribes scrolls, and Auge meets with his camp at the Vial and Flask to discuss a possible Stormhaven dooms-day scenario.

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