Friday, October 17, 2014

The Undefeated

Several months ago Janus Winthwil felt small, not only small in the scheme of current events, but small in size, standing in this King’s throne room.  The King and his six advisers towered to heights of twenty feet, while others in the chamber were considered small at fifteen feet.  The room itself was out sized along with the groaning furniture, which Janus and his two companions eyed with suspicious fear whenever a giant adjusted his bulk while sitting upon it.  Janus had only agreed to the elves plan in order to be away from the mental barrage of attacks that had come at him from the below the waves of Stormhaven.  Now standing in the storm giant king’s presence he wondered if he had not traded a psychic death for a physical one. 
Janus looked to his body man, The Powell, who was still retching from the teleportation magic that Aldarr the old had used to bring them here. Aldarr had lowered his illusions when travelling here, revealing himself to be an elf of unknown age, not the old bearded human that was normally seen.

An amazingly handsome Giant stood, motioning for the others to remain seated, his voice low and rumbling, “I am Nimbosus, son of King Rieci. What would you offer to receive the services of his army?”
Janus Winthwil felt his throat constrict while his mouth went dry.  Luckily Janus would not be making his offer with his voice.  The King and all six advisors jolted with surprise feeling Janus touch their psyche as his mental voice spoke to them telepathically, “Inside of six months I can train your best this talent along with several others.” 

Now King Rieci stood causing all in the throne room to rise, “Your offer has been conditionally accepted.  If your training is successful your elves of Stormhaven will have acquired The Undefeated for two years.”