Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Free City of Nimbus Founder's Mixer

“Burbald Worwelm, so glad to meet you, Lopel has been illuminating in his newfound faith,” the chubby little human pushed his hand forward in introduction hoping for acknowledgement from any of the red brothers, “I hope that Lopel remembered to mention how extremely cooperative Nakathar Holdings has been since his conversion.” The four red brothers were being led through the receiving hall as guests of honor, steaming hot fish, vegetables, and meats rose from the tables in the dining hall behind the revelers causing Vercel’s stomach to rumble loudly.  

“I am sure our benefactors are quite aware of your COOPERATION Burbald,” Lopel interjected, blocking Burbald’s effort at a handshake with his body, he pointed the brothers along the hallway to the greet the other attendees;

Durg was next introduced to Iodocius, the human leader of the local craftsman association, “Honored at the opportunity to meet you Durg, let me know if you need anything fixed at your new place and I’ll have our best men on it.”
Vercel had overcome the wonderful smells beckoning from the dining hall upon meeting Morflane Arcault. She is a beautiful human woman that Lopel introduced as the matron of the Arcault family that produces the regions charcoal. Morflane was visibly intimidated by the size of the four red brothers but was friendly when spoken to while her dress offered plenty of cleavage for Vercel to stare into.

Jaren was in discussion with two large unique creatures that turned out to be a couple, Mendora an Albino Minotaur Magus and Ashachi Ardimos an Ogre Magi.  Mendora lets slip that she fell in love with Ashachi after serving many years as his body guard.                             
The farmer Klomar Omundo and his daughter Cheyann were introduced to Auge.  Klomar explained that his daughter had trained for three months with a traveling alchemist but that her lessons had lapsed. Auge was initially excited by the prospect of another alchemist before realizing that Klomar was actually just offering him his unwed daughter.  The twenty year old woman was clearly terrified at the prospect.

Stepping out from the dining hall, several servants in tow,was Baniet Buraria Ia'age, formerly referred to as Ali Baba, “Now with a proper kitchen I have prepared a feast fit for the Red Lords! Please come and enjoy our feast!”

Baniet’s well intentioned invitation would later cause some duress as several in attendance did not receive their private introductions to their half dragon guests. Three tables filled this long decorated room, the central main table overflowing with food, with a table in the north corner for the sailors and River Captains, and the smallest table being utilized by the servants.  It was clear that Lopel had arranged the seating to communicate his new social order which left the gnome merchant Buech especially frustrated. Buech’s size and seating position kept him hidden from the half dragons’ attentions seated as he was behind the mounds of food on the great table.  It was Lopel’s wife Draenn who saved Buech from complete anonymity when Durg and Auge both expressed their appreciation for this new substance, apple butter.  Draenn exclaimed, “That’s Buech’s butter, everyone uses Buech’s!”
The gnome was quite surprised to soon find the two half dragon brothers congratulating him for his ingenuity and ordering large quantities of the butter. 

Uncomfortably seated between Mendora and Ashachi, across from Jaren, was Einhurt Chulst a middle aged human who between moments of dodging fish bone carcasses explained that he specialized in waterproofing homes and gear.

When discussions began that lead to the declaration of the Free City of Nimbus, the half-orc Ghadbur Waruske introduced himself as a local Boat wright of no small water.  Others in attendance indicate that Ghadbur professionally provides river security and provides river patrols for the city.


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