Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tycho has a thought

Tycho Nikias knew that The Collectors of the Lexicon were active in Stormhaven, yet the master chessman had yet to figure out from where they were gaining entrance, nor how many.   The elf was frustrated with his progress and knew that The Kingmaker’s would be disappointed as well.  How Myrddin had known to place him here all those years ago caused Tycho to marvel at the breadth of his friend’s foresight. Smiling to himself, he was consoled to realize there were several names he was prepared to add to Myrddin’s book.

Tycho now realized he had been slow to see all the pieces in play.  All these years and he had never realized Tiamat was on the board, let alone the Queen.  This Queen has many suitors, be they would be kings or opponents.  The “Age of Dragons” no longer seemed such a romantic turn of phrase for the times the elf wizard lived in.

                                                                        Myrddin Og===>


James Caruso said...

That picture is crazy good.

Gordzilla said...

Yes been saving it for awhile now:)