Thursday, December 18, 2014

Auge Journal: Escape Plan

Not long after the meeting with the Seawillow family and the Dwarves of the World Disk, Auge retreated to the souk to contemplate the recent developments. Tomorrow will be a watershed moment, he thought, when Auge and his brothers would present Adalwin Joscelin with a treaty to end the petty warfare in Stormhaven and focus the efforts on the one universal enemy, the thing that should not be.

Either Adalwin will agree and focus his efforts on defeating the jailer thereby earning the right to rule Stormhaven; or refuse and bring about unknowable events, possibly involving father. Right now Jaren is scribing a greater teleport scroll for Diedre and later one for Auge with the idea that if something were to happen our most important people would have an escape plan. It was also why Auge put the call out to a select number of people on his payroll.

In the Vial and Flask Hogni Bluesafe was organizing the new batch of items up for sale minus the headband, staff and ring Versel sold to the elves earlier as Auge was sending messages using Hogni’s small constructs. The Hogni was more than happy to oblige his employer but was curious why there was four messages sent.

“Kind of late for you is it not Master Auge? Or is it early?” Hogni said with a wink through a complex series of spectacles.

Auge, who has been traveling between Stormhaven and Africa did not heed to the cycles of day and night and shrugged. “There will be a time for rest for me and my brothers but now is certainly not the time.” Auge said cryptically.

“Is there a customer? Should I retire to my apartment?” Hogni asked. His quarters where secreted away, so Hogni was sensitive to his employer’s discretion with himself and Auge’s clientele.

“No Hogni you stay, this concerns you.” Auge said. “and a few others, but while we wait for them I want list more magical items for sale.”  

“Aye!” Hogni said laughing, “vanquish another virtue? Tell me did you earn your dragon-slot?” But his mirth was short lived.

“No Hogni, but things have changed and now I am keen on ridding myself of magic I have literally out grown.” Ague said not revealing the age effect his hoard was having upon him with is employee. Indeed these items were accelerating Auge’s aging and now threatened to burn him out with advanced age.

“Does this have something to do with the failed dimensional anchor from earlier tonight?” Hogni asked perceptively.

“Something like that yes.” Auge answered as he reluctantly produced the magic items collected over the past few weeks.

While waiting for the others to arrive Auge explained the properties of each item, weapon and armor as well as where they came from. Auge was just about to pick up the axiomatic weapon for sale when the White Spider arrived first.

Her natural pheromones were what excited Auge the most about her. The way she could turn heads in a barroom or use her silver tongue to assuage marks to her advantage. She casually glanced at the new items as well as the magical folding barrels of holding off to the side that seemed bursting with fresh aromatic tobacco leaves. She greeted her master fondly and poured herself some of Pilini’s finest that Hogni had sat out earlier.

“Am I early?” Spider asked looking around. “point one, woman.” She said thoroughly satisfied.

“Don’t let it go to your head.” Hogni teased. “Master Auge has something serious he wants to address, we are just waiting for the others.”

“Others? Like Spade and Farley? I hate to say this Auge but I haven’t seen them in a while.” Spider said looking out the display window and into the street. “Someone approaches.” She said curtly looking to Auge and Hogni who were still standing around a work table. Spider instinctively dropped back from view finding herself poised to descend behind any intruders.

“Sapphire,” Hogni said pleased as a pixie.

“I am here,” ignoring Hogni, “as you instructed Master Auge.” Sapphire said. 

Kiton was next to arrive, falling from some unknown height; the creature landed dexterously and tumbled in without upsetting a single potion or curio looking a vicious as ever. The dire-ape blooded human scrambled to Auge and offered his neck in submission.

“None of that Kiton.” Auge said touching the vulnerable nape of Kiton’s neck.

Lastly Gerto and Pilini arrived deep in their cups with a banana drink concocted from the fruit brought in from Africa, the hour was late but hope was on the horizon and that was reason enough for the two gnomes.

Outside the Vial and Flask Tick Tock Castle tolled three o'the clock in the early morning to a scorched and scarred World Disk. Soon the sun would rise on a Stormhaven that will likely be vastly different when the sun sets in the east, for good or ill.

“Colleagues,” Auge began, “I fear a time has come that we must prepare for a dooms-day scenario.” Auge let that information sink in before continuing, “Tomorrow my red brothers and I will present a treaty to Adalwin Joscelyn from the Elf and Dwarf families to end hostilities and for him to focus on the jailer earning him the right to rule.”

“But you are meant to rule!” Spider said insistently to that everyone agreed.

“I would not be here were it not for you and your brothers.” Pilini said through the spittle of drink.

“There are many other details, but this treaty,” Auge continued, “will move everyone's time table and will upset current the status quo. With that in mind I want an escape plan in place right now.”

“As you will red one,” Sapphire said. “tell us your plan.”

Staff of Performance (Versel) 48,800
Unholy Staff  (Versel) 29,600

Blink back belt (Auge) 5,000
Bolstering Breastplate +1 (Auge) 9,000
Buffering Cap (Auge) 2,000
Gloves of Dueling (Auge) 15,000
Staff of Acid (Auge) 28,600
+4 Axiomatic weapon (Auge) 72,000
Sniper’s Goggles /Third Eye Surge (Auge creation) 22,100


Gordzilla said...

I really enjoyed this read. White Spider purchases the Sniper's Goggles

James Caruso said...

Thanks and sweet!