Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Monday Morning You Sure Looked Fine Durg's Got Broken Coven On His Mind

Jaren knew there was something he was overlooking. In rare moments of rest the half dragon wizard would try to bring his mind to focus on whatever problem was plaguing him.  Jaren was still unable to quite put his finger on it.  Despite any rest he might enjoy Jaren was tired. The magic he wore, its constant use, it was arduous, and he could feel the magic aging him. Perhaps that was the nagging notion at the nape of his neck that never allowed him to relax.  Since rest wasn’t going to be an option, the wizard decided to join brother Durg with his assembly of Mage guard. 

Durg watched his neighborhood lieutenants gather, peering through a newly created peephole from the Vial and Flask into the Neutral Grounds.  He hadn’t had a lot of time with his officers and wanted the chance to observe them before entering for their meeting. 

The first to enter was well known around Staircase Keep, his nickname was Sniper and Durg always found his scent disturbing. As Durg watched Sniper studying the meeting place he realized that he had been mistaken, Sniper isn’t human, he’s something else.  Durg would make sure that Jaren got a good look at him, it wasn’t as if his lieutenant wouldn’t stand out, dressed as he is, head to toe in black leathers and goggles.  Sniper placed three books on a table and poured himself a drink from the pitcher and cups there. 

At that point two more uniformed humanoids entered arena from the street entrance, carrying freshly purchased Friday Fight passes from the ticket window. The first of the two Durg could see from his vantage point was the devil bonded human known as The Doctor.  It was immediately clear that Sniper and The Doctor didn't get along when Sniper growled, “I only tolerate you because they tolerate you devil, but if you get too close I’ll just have to hope that the Red Brothers will forgive me.”
The other humanoid was shorter, “Probably a half elf” thought Durg.  The only thing Durg knew about the half elf was his name Aickrat Tromos and that he had helped the lifters guild several times, Vercel even spoke well of him.

Durg’s observations were interrupted by new noises in the Vial and Flask, he was well hidden from view of anyone entering the shop but something about their discussion drew his ear.  Durg realized his other three lieutenants, Vagabond a Halfling who had traveled the world, Mist the only woman in The Broken Coven, and the Bryver the oldest member, had entered the Vial and Flask. 

It was Bryver’s unique voice that had drawn Durg’s attention and the half dragon could hear the old man complaining, “I’m telling you two, buy what you can now while you still have privileges, we’re about to be fired.  Take a look around will you? There are all manner of elves and dwarves recuperating here.  How long before we’re conscripted into regular service and get fed to the tower? You two believe what you want but ol’ Bryver here is telling you, you either be ready to provide a service that the lunatic in the tower doesn’t have plenty of or YOU’LL be exactly what he needs!”

Bryver’s observations were interrupted by Hogni who began speaking with the Halfling Vagabond about cloaks and bracers. Durg figured he would wait for the rest of The Broken Coven to leave but that plan was squashed when Jaren entered the shop and found Durg immediately,loudly proclaiming, “There you are Durg!  The Broken Coven is waiting, HAR HAR!”

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Gordzilla said...

+2 Flaming Burst Whip & +2 Flaming Great Axe, 1 given, 1 purchased, for $25,000 by Sniper from Jaren