Monday, November 17, 2014

The tale of Potior

There are darker tales from Stormhaven, tales that are retold in whispers, spoken as warnings to desperate folks ready to cast their fortune to the winds and seek out the world,grandest market port.

Potior hailed from an exotic land, farther away even than Egypt. His homelands were a collection of city states on the northern shores of waterways that led out of Egypt and south to the east shores of the continent. Long ago, a lifetime it seemed, he had aspired to be a learned wizard, blessed of Hecate the Goddess of Magics, a sage sought out by kings and councils. At 25 he signed an agreement with a rich sultan, and boarded a ship to become a house wizard in the land of golden sands.

To say he was struck by culture shock would be understatement. The decadence and flaunting of wealth was completely new to him. The extent of excess was grotesque. The deception of violent intrigue was all-encompassing. Slave culture, and the acceptance of it on part of the oppressed, was integral to the entire complicated society. Unfortunately, so was conflict, and it was only a matter of time before Potior was captured as a slave by one usurper Sultan or another. Ten years of this led him to be taken by a different kind of slaver -  a stormhaven pirate. All belongings and possessions he once owned were bundled into a crate that was sold along with him in a lot to a wizard from Stormhaven, from a place called the Black Crown. Upon his being purchased, life assumed more of an indentured servitude than slavery, though there was precious little difference to him. Yes, he had found the greatest of port cities, but there was nothing he could do to escape it. Still, the life of a house mage was pretty decent and it had served him well the last five years. Still, when the chance arose to align with the red dragons - well, they were the only creatures Potior knew of that dealt with Joscelin and his Spellgaurds as equals. that was good enough for him. He talked his understudy, Hiens Imber, into cutting ties with the Crown and leaving the madness that had fallen over the remote port of Stormhaven.

Now, as he was preparing for a trip to another port city of lore, Lowport, he knew he did so as a free man. . He doubted that Lord Jaren understood the power of offering Potior a job and a place in his retinue. For the first time in fifteen years, Potior was giving his loyalty instead of surrendering it.