Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review 07/23/14

Flying onward toward the stone edifice the foliage begins to move and successfully, albeit briefly, separated us. The magical effect slowed us down enough for the guardians of the edifice to prepare. They brought on bandersnatches/ 'Tane' (magical beast) and holy warriors to protect the elven pantheon temple. 

Seeing our folly in our headlong assault Jaren (using a wish) then teleports us to Spraggle Tower. Appearing in a rainstorm in the training yard we find that it is four months since our departure from Stormhaven. 

Meeting with Ambassador Katchlack we learn and Versel correctly intuits what is causing a sickness to befall the crops that supply Spraggle Tower. It is here we decide to read messages, replace items, gather legends, and attempt to communicate with a spirit tree. 

Messages from Anan assure us that she is furthering her/our endeavors; her last message from two weeks ago indicated she would travel to the coast near Nimbus. Jaren spent most of the time with a legend lore spell attempting to learn of our bronze enemy. 

* Bronze is a water-based dragon. 
* The name of the bronze dragon has different translations from the truespeech: inclination; to speak of will or a willful person; and lastly wish. 
* The pacted celestial has granted wishes to individuals. 
* In the dream-like visions the bronze dragon looked like an industrious gnome who lovingly cared and worked on the many gears and leavers of the dam. 
* A vision of Avericia over River Wheel Falls NOT inspiring fear. 
* Scenes of enlightened people of RWF some with celestial blood line. 
* Coralis and Misoak
* Legacy Item- a gemstone amulet on a gold chain. (dragon slot?)
* The bronze dragon has a connection with heartstone magic and would give mother influence over his magic, furthermore the bronze dragon makes a suitable component for an alter to Tiamat. 
* Aside from that Sorosh returns with news that RWF is in the far west. 

Auge crafts wondrous items Amulet of natural armor +4, Boots of Speed, and a Cloak of the Manta ray in the nine days we are here. 

Versel went out to find Tenere, Master of Ceremony and Druid of the Spirit Tree. Arriving to the grove he notices other elves as well as elephants; eventually stepping out from a plant was Tenere. The elf expressed his unease as well as the other elves over the hellish mark on Versel. It was a brand not a badge. Putting his personal reputation on the line Tenere agreed to guide Versel in his meditations. For a brief moment Versel, removed of all material possessions, could see a version of his spirit tree, even heard the word Elysium- then pain of the brand cut off the vision. 

Sorosh also have us some general information on Stormhaven. 

* Adalwin controls much of the upside with some minor holdouts which he won over with granting of titles. 
* Actively opposing him are founding family houses: Seawillow, Rockhammer, Greystone..
* The money changers and the underwriters have dissolved without political power. 
* The Cinder Block as endured and even stands as a neutral ground to broker deals. 
* The Spellguard are a Police force. 
* There is an upsurge in undead encounters. 
* Twilight House is less a guild now, more like a mercenary company. 
* The Trade armada picked up another seven ships for an even total of forty, three of which are at or very near the barbarian islands. 

We begin next session with Jaren scrying on the Bronze dragon at odd hours so we can ambush him. 


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