Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review 6/11/2014

Wednesday evening when we experienced the full dangers of what is considered the ghettos of Darkell, a maze-like level where one surely needs a drow guide to continue to lower levels. And while non-drow have no standing here we are beings of Tiamat and have Lawful connections to Hell.

Darkell is Lawful, however the lower one travels it becomes more chaotic in the bowels of the underdark. The Nine Hells are each represented in the nine levels of Darkell each mimicking their respective environments. It was further revealed that Tiamat battles The Bearded Lord and Barbatos (an Asmodeus general) for Avernus and that house Draz’Kuri services the Bearded One.

As Anan scouts the city as the rest of us keep busy with some upper level socializing. We discover that time is kept by huge water clocks and that Morantem Merzo “Diem” the Tiamat temple architect for Darkell, has already begun some work here in the form of a vast carving of what would become Tiamat's image.

Within the extra-dimensional confines of a rope trick we discuss plans as to what house to approach for our plans against the elves…

House Merezzym: Surface runners and workers, the drow from Spragel's tower were members of this house- we were gifted with magic items (less than 4k) in hopes for future trade.

House Zhakhun: Rangers of the Underearth- meeting with Raviel Tak who remarked surface elves are in clans and not in cities; however, the Zhakhun house would be the most likely to know of any underdark passages to the surface elf realm. (Versel's idea)


House Draz’Kuri: the most dangerous and disciplined warriors- would be the most likely of houses to recruit specialist soldiers for Mother.

We also made acquaintances with individuals from the first three houses: House Arras’zur, Divine connections to the dark elements; House Narrishtah, Arcane connections to the dark elements; and House Devoren, Slavers and Nomads.

Auge meets Capsarius Narrishta who sells him six unique barrels of poison components for 5k and a Wand of Stone Call (40 ch). The components have a potential value in Stormhaven of 100k. Jaren gifts the merchant with scraphite.

After a day in Darkell we arrange for Anan to meet us in Spragel’s Tower in approx five days, as we plan a brief trip to Stormhaven. Our departure is even more unpleasant than our arrival as we are magically deposited ten miles from Spragle’s Tower. A save was incurred: Fort + X level of Darkell= DC.

11pm Flaying back to Spragle’s Tower we were attacked by vicious sinister trees who volley stones and earth at us. We evaded the threat. Later, among a great vine covered ruin where a giant scorpion and mantis along with strange wolves battled seemingly at the enjoyment of a quickling and another unidentified fey creature. Our presence ruined the fun.

Later on our return to the Tower we encountered a beetle swarm as large as a football field but we hastily evaded that threat as well. Auge gives Versel a wand of Volcanic Storm for use against future swarms.

Midnight. Returning to the Minotaur embassy we learn that Ambassador Katchlack as ended the curse affecting Hroogar Uzzi. Fine and whatever.

It is then Jaren begins the process of scrying for Deim and finds him on a ship and sends him a message conveying our intentions of bringing him posthaste to Darkell and his return to his sacred duties.

The half-dragon half-devil is in the early stages of a battle with a dwarven Ironclad and is attempting to recover a treasure for the Darkell temple: natural mummified remains of a great wyrm dragon encased in amber. Plus any engine parts, gunpowder, maps and ‘papers’; as well as an slaver from House Kolnahos.

Happy to help we teleport to the ship where our collective presence with Diem causes blind fear in some of the sailors. Nevertheless the Ironclad is believed to have Bobeeo, a dwarven treasure hunter and has in his employ a great construct.

We begin next session with the reveal of a dwarf on the deck of the Ironclad and a twenty-five foot tall bronze golem.

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Gordzilla said...

Fort + X level of Darkell= DC.

Correction, Fortitude Save 20 + level of Darkell=DC